The cancer, one of the cavallos of the battle of Sanidad

Este jueves 10 de marzo se ha celebratedrado in Madrid el X ECO Forum: This year of innovation progress in Oncology. See the organization organized by the Foundation Excellence and Quality of Oncology (ECO), to analyze the possible routes and lines of action that allow the appointment of an Oncology of sound quality in the future.

The specialist Rafael Lópezhead of the Medical Oncology Service of Complejo Hospitalario Universitario de Santiago de Compostela and President of the ECO Foundation, has demonstrated the importance of the society in conventions investment e innovation we are synonymous with progress: “The knowledge that has been generated in the last days of this year, thanks to the development of the investment, we have been able to improve and care for patients, and to have a great place to live. Seeing the prospect of only these years, we are very surprised in the fact that the last decade of the sea camp is more radical and we have a lot of good and good news, about everything for our patients. Medicine, general, and oncology, in particular, have a future surgeon.

La cancer survival is duplicated in the last years of the year, as a result of the diagnosis of precoz, investment and innovation in pharmaco-technological. Without embargo, the oncological patients are waiting for more 400 days to accede to los innovative treatments approved by the EMA. If the development of innovation in oncology is in constant expansion, the mechanisms for which the authorization of our Sanitary System will be created in the form of a very lentil, además, existen significant differences in the canyon of cancer in the territories of our country.

The cancer is one of the fundamental changes for Health the level of the world. Specialists in Oncology have a time of warning about what to do next cancer in the political agenda of Spainy Europe should be our reference.

The patients and the investment, the recipe for the future

Javier Hernández Gonzálezjefe del Área de Seguimiento de Centros Sanitarios de la Consejería de Sanidad de la Community of Madrid, ha insisted on the inequality as one of the debilitations of our SNS, recording that all persons should have access to the opportunity opportunities. En este sentido, ha adadido que los ejes fundamentals de la red oncologica madrileña son la eficiencia y la equidad.

By respecting the assistance provided, I depend on the vision of the patients to use the motorbike. Todo el esfuerzo y trabajo que se está haciendo es por y para los pacientes. Without embargo, the patients are not in the place where they correspond, they know how Begoña Barragán, the president of Gepac. Tambéen is in demand for patients; for which patients’ associations have to play a determinant paper.

The development of technology has favored the fact that the investment actually takes place the investment of precision. Actually, there are media and mechanisms to accelerate the process, reduce the risks and provide data on the mayor’s rigor and quality. Without embargo, Federico Plazadirector of Corporate Affairs of Roche Farma, has warned that there is a lack of convergence between the criteria of regulatory agencies and the criteria that are used in the volume of decisions on the precision and financing of medicines.

The experts have coincided with the importance of searching for solutions that allow it access time y agil a la investment. Assimism, the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, has shown the essence of the essentials of health and the need for an inversion of value in I + D + i.

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