The caballos can recognize the misses in the verse of hope, revealing a new studio

A study of the death of the cavallos who were born in the world of sleep and the death of a concierge who has historically been able to do so.

In the territory of autoconciencia, un historical history the investment investment has been blocked reino animal. When we think of it we recognize each otherla respuesta unánime simper está conducted our special property. A new studio, without embargo, revela que los caballos también tienen esa capacidad: saben que, quienes le devuelven la mirada en el espejo, son elmos mismos.

Los caballos saben quienes son

Yegua Warmblood en otoño en la luz trasera. Photo: Getty Images

In general, the animals that are waiting for the first example of the reaction as you treat yourself to another individual. I want to say that I do not recognize the image that even before we are. For the opposite, you have one social conduct. At the same time, this respuesta desaparecey suelen perder el interests.

In some cases, the curiosity of this individual that copia sus movimientos idénticamente se despierta. You stop the situation, explore the image filming the body with more care. To investigate this conduct, the diversified scientists have applied to the “test of the mark”.

In this way, according to Ali Boyle, an investigator in the type of intelligence at the University of Cambridge, animal mark in a place that alone can be seen in the scene, quiz in frente o en la oreja«. Progressively, the animal passes more time than this part of the body before the song when it is marked that when it is not there. «Si lo hace», according to the author, «esto sugiere que el animal reconoce su reflejo«. The caballos are particularly prone to identify and be in this type of ejercicios.

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Consciencia sobre su propio body

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In the decade of the 70’s, this test is mainly applied to primates, which is a sample of some receivers your property is in a hurry. Without embargo, the test of the mark is ha applied to other areas, like dolphins, urracas and elephants. A study studio realized by Italian investigators revela que los caballos, bajo el mismo ejercicio, son ma propensos a reconsider your thoughts.

For the investment, it is paved with space on an equestrian track. Una vez que los caballos se habituaron al espejo, dejaron de responder socialmente, como se esperaba. The values ​​of the cargo of the studio marcaron to some cavallos with crucifixes in the mejillas, mintras que otros quedaron con marcas ultravioleta.

The result is that individuals with visible marks pasaron five times more time is spent front of the door. It’s a sign que los animales veían las marcas en el espejo, entendían que esas marcas estaban en sus propias caras. For this reason, work from enzyme quotes. With this corporal conscience, it is clear that we will recognize each other.

Follow the authors of the studio, “The author implicitly implies having a concept of one as a psychological agent with a man«. No embargo, this theory is a little accepted in the community científica, que refuta la idea con el argumento de que el authorization in a reflection without implication of a mental state.

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