The birth of the ancestral ecosystem of the salvage horses in Galicia Climate and Medio Ambiente

The last mediocre sign of the salvation of cavallos in Galicia cayo a la mitad. No hay un censo oficial que recoja la cifra exacta del desplome, pero esa es la tendencia observada por los investigadores a partir de la estimación fiable de los años 70, aportada en una tesis doctoral. There are 22,000 people in the field, which now has reduced to 10,000. It’s a colony of las bestas (braves in the galley) is sure to be the mayor of Spain and Europe, while “you can not take urgent action to prevent collapse, dismantling,” said Jaime Fagúndez, principal investigator of a work on the socioeconomic context and the environmental benefits of the salvation equines presented to the European Commission by the University of A Coruña. Experts will be able to contribute to the solution of some of the problems of the climate emergencies, the depopulation of rural rural areas and the crisis of biodiversity.

“You can establish a relationship with a cause-effect because you can demonstrate it, it is clear that many countries in Galicia in the country of caballos and where the habitat is natural are lost, he has passed to the forest, he has clarified the risk of incendiaries can produce an accumulation of combustibility: it makes the vegetative vegetables lignified like that, ”says Fagúndez.

The ecosystem of bestas in Galicia, where the study is, “the benefits and efficiency of the alternatives to the alternatives such as forestry rebuilding, the management of artificial pastilles and the abandonment of land”. This work requires that the areas of pasta of these salmon cavalry include different types of birch that contribute to ecosystem values ​​such as a high biodiversity, high levels of carbonaceous food and low risk of incendiary. In addition, it offers “positive externalities”, which consumes strong speculations, mainly this, “increasing the quality of pastries and reducing the costs of pink mechanics for the prevention of incidents”. Las bestas en los montes gallegos, añade Fagúndez, “constitution of a cultural union united by the great connection with the history of Galicia, rural landscape and natural values”.

Rapa traditional caballos en Sabucedo (Pontevedra) at the end of August.ÓSCAR CORRAL (EL PAÍS)

The work of the University of A Coruña señala las causas del desplome generalizado de esta población en los montes de Galicia. “For a part, the possessors abandon the rural middle ground where only the major, who can not occupy this and, for other people, have negative conditions, like the bad price of the food market and other related relations with the help of the Agricultural Policy of the Community ”. The authors of the information advertise “criteria for conservation of habitat; change in the calculation of the cargo of the ganadera cuando hay caballos salvajes y evitar la transformatsion de los brezales en usos de menor valor ecológico y cultural como los eucaliptales o los pastistales artificiales ”.

The investment is centered in the two areas of interest: in the Serra da Groba, in the province of Pontevedra, and in the Serra do Xistral, in the north of Lugo, which represents the most distinctive situations for salvation. Lucense is a Red Natura 2000 area dominated by humus trees and turbines in the equines where the professional skills of the vacuum cleaner and the lobe presence are present, as well as the area of ​​Pontevedra, with a warm and dry climate, with repoblaciones Forestry and frequencies, the animals are the professional and curious people — places in the middle of the jungle to cut the crines, mark the creeks before the daughters and the libertarians — are great social events.

The information is in the first place against the air conditioning. Write to her.


It is urgent, it is necessary to reduce the study, reduce the bureaucratic burdens for the owners of the horses and that the animals can be in the mountain without the need for microchip, to increase the traffic to advertise its presence, increase the costs. por los lobos y limitar las explotaciones forestales. Together with him, he appeals to the ambient benefits that he generates, as he prevented the incidents.

Investigators have a reputation for compromising public administrations by applying policies and regulations “of the most effective form”. Tambéén also appeals to the gambling population and its political conductors, “who have the responsibility to save the world bestas for future generations ”. Finally, in the Union of Europe and its states, there are many conditions that depend on the condition of the bathtub, which is the most dangerous place for goodies.

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