“The 90% are sedentary, the same as 13 years ago”

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The Minister of Sports assures that, within the priorities of the Carter, he will be able to improve the median life of the sports and favor the access to physical activity for women, as part of the feminist movement of women.

The Minister of Sports will be able to increase the deportation rate for women
© Agency OneThe Minister of Sports will be able to increase the deportation rate for women

On Friday, March 11, Alexandra Benado converts officially to the sex of the Minister of Sports in the history of Chile. Como Professor of Physical Education and ex football player, and with a female feminist as a transversal pillarvarios de los desafíos que tendrá que vivir en su cartera tienen relación con el acceso al deporte para las mujeres.

El plan Vige Vivir Sano nacio en 2011 y hoy, once años después, the sedentaryism and the obsession with the importance of factors and difficulties most of the past, but especially in women. Para la ex capitana de la Roja Femenina, es importante cambiar ciertas logicas en Chile para mejorar la kalidad de vida de todos y todas.

“Hay temas kulturales que dificultan el acceso de las mujeres al deporte. La Encuesta Nacional de Salud revela que el 90% de las mujeres son sedentarias y ese porcentaje es el mismo de hace 13 years. No change and nothing is very preoccupied. The problems are not only visualized in the secondary education of the secondary, but also in the adult “, commented.

Además, Benado explicitly states that “our culture must be shared by a man who realizes a sports activity due to his work schedule, but in the case of women, there is no need to reclaim their house to take care of their children. We want to change our logic and enter the conditions of materials for which we have to spare space for the practice of sports “.

The sports post is for everyone

Without embargo, for the future minister, el sedentarismo y la obesidad no son sol problems que atañen a su cartera, but that also has a relationship with other areas: education, health, economy and including society. Because, it generates more global and complete public policies.

“The problems of sedentaryism and obedience are multifactorial, and you have to deal with sports issues, but also with social, economic and health aspects. The lens does not only support the sports of children, children and young people in the state of obedience, but because of the integrity, “Considering aspects of mental health, motor skills, the ability to work in the diaries of the madrassas and the fathers, the accessibility of sports infrastructure and the conditions of security in the country”, destacó.

The sports will be promoted, but as a whole and not as a unique topic relevant to the Ministry. “I believe that the mirage should be strengthened, because it is demonstrated that when public policies are heard only in obedience, a perverse effect is generated that provokes exclusion and discrimination. In Chile we will promote the deportation as a tool destined to improve the quality of life of the persons of integral manner “, said Benado.


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