Stress in the PSG news between Donnarumma and Neymar: you have a great discussion and your friends

Neymar and Donnarumma have been cruising in the west on the right side of PSG before Real Madrid

There is a series of inolviable. A party that will be in the books of Champions League as one of the big landlords who played a team in the maximum tournament of European football clubs. You can lose 1-0 in the game that will be discussed in the game Park of the Princesy de estar 0-1 hasta los 16 minutos de la segunda etapa, el Real Madrid saw the elimination and elimination of PSG in the octaves of the final competition.

A shot of goals Karim Benzemathe figure stretches in el Santiago Bernabéuauthor of the three thirds in 17 minutes, pushing in the jack of the Parisian conjunction, who had the opportunity to the front of the marcador, the igual that sucedió in France, with a conquista of Kylian Mbappé. But when everything was in control of Paris Saint Germain, a game was played to save the game from being played.

The Italian arch Gigio Donnarumma received the balloon from a company and controlled the pressure of Benzema near the arch. The porter alcanzó a rechazar, pero su despeje cayó en los pies de Vinicius Jrwhich promptly habilitó al N ° 9 de los Merengues and is definitely for the partial empathy. The duel ensued and PSG scored more goals to provoke the elimination of the Champions. The tension of this uninspected derrota fue en aumento y, al parecer, hubo reproches en el vestuario visitorte.

This indicates the deportivo diary Marcaof Spain, el propio donnarumma y neymar habrían tenido un fuerte cruce tras la derrota. It’s more, the middle of Madrid insure that your friends will separate you from avoiding physical aggression.

Ha Qué habría provocado la pelea? The Brazilian brawler reclaimed the European champion’s race with the Italian national team on his way to the race that ended in the first example of the Carlo Ancelotti community that initiated the renovation. For your part, Gigio Neymar’s explicit speech is all about one of Real Madrid’s best wine in the summer of Barcelona.

“The news that you can separate from Donnarumma ya Neymar”, the title of the Madrid periodical. “The discussion between friends is taking away the tone of the hate that llegaron casi a las manos y los que estaban en ese momento el el vestuario intervinieron para evitar que la cosa fuera a majores ”, informó el periodista Polo.

The Italian arch no pudo responded to the pressure of the 9 of Real Madrid, which is also the case of three of them (REUTERS / Susana Vera)
The Italian arch no pudo responded to the pressure of the 9 of Real Madrid, which is also the case of three of them (REUTERS / Susana Vera)

This incident sums up the fate of the two conductors of the highest rank that PSG has, said the president Nasser Al-Khelaïfi and the director of sports Leonardo listen to the story of juez for recriminarle by the action of Benzema and Donnarumma which derivates in the empire part of Merengue.

Follow the Spanish press, to finalize the game, the conductor will give up quickly on the right to play in the habilitation zone for the visiting teams, dando gritos e insultos. In the fireplace of the camps, Al Khelaifi met with the Brazilian and between the two directors of the Arbitration Court, the Dutch Danny Makkiele, with the opportunity to advertise a possible inflection of the French goleador against the archbishop. al primer gol de los locales.

In relation to the action with the action that can be played at the Bernabeu, one of those whose vision is in front of the microphones Mauricio Pochettino. The Argentine coach spoke at the post-party press conference and made his post about the game, which was covered in the Spanish first prize.

Sensation of a lot of injustice by the naked conceded, missing the word of Benzema, who made him feel like he was in the emotional state of everything he changed. We don’t want to be able to share our emotions, we are in a state of despair before Real Madrid “, affirmed the DT of PSG.

“I think we have a better team (in the whole series), but we are with a tremendous goal and the reception of no one who has passed the elimination”, said the former Tottenham player, who consulted Gianluigi Donnarumma’s mistake. “Don’t be able to consider a mistake when you have failed and failed to clear. You can see the views at least between 30 and 40 times, with different angles. I can’t qualify as an error. It’s football, the little details I know and that VAR doesn’t have to be the deciding factor for what I want to do ”.

The reception of Messi and the PSG during the elimination of the Champions League (REUTERS / Juan Medina)
The reception of Messi and the PSG during the elimination of the Champions League (REUTERS / Juan Medina)


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