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El Gobierno bonaerense se reunió hoy con los gremios que representan a los trabajadores estatales y ofreció un incremento del 40% en tres tramos para el sector. The offer includes an additional differential of 4.5% for the staff of the Ministry of Health. The parties will return to the meeting to talk about a bonus for the auxiliaries.

The source of this game is a virtual way of life. The offer, which can be accessed by DIB, includes an increment in three stages for all workers of the day 10,430: 16% from March 1, 26% from July and 40% from September.

In addition, there is also an “additional differential increment” for the staff of the Provincial Health Ministry that “eleva los percentualas in 4.5% in September for general paritaria”.

The property for the sector of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be held together with UPCN, ATE Y Soeme for discussing the “bonus of benefits” for auxiliaries who are responsible for the 140 million states of the ministries.

Además, the Ejecutivo también prometió una clausula de “revisión” por inflation na luego de que se conozcan los indicadores del quuto bimestre y otra de “seguimiento” para “fortalecer” la “recuperación del salario”.

Assimilation, the offer includes the continuum to continue with plantings and to increase the “family assignments” in a synth with the manner of automatic manners. As, augmentarían el 40% en los tres tramos mencionados.

Desce UPCN le dijeron a DIB que se trata de “una propuesta integral” y que “se han atendido los 2 grandes pedidos de nuestra organización, que es la mesa de la bonificación para auxiliares de la educación y los pases a planta”. Enough, indicating that he is waiting for the meeting of the man to give a respuesta.

In this regard, ATE officials indicated that the agency has “provided many information on the implementation of the organization” and that it is complementary to compromise Gobierno’s reform of the education policy of the auxiliaries of education, the fireplace. the coincidences are consolidating ”. “No, this is the Provincial Council Council that defines the approval of the mission,” he said.

The Minister of Hacienda and Finance, Pablo López, indicated that the property “on the line with the lenses that we have proposed to improve the conditions and work of all sectors, having always been in charge of the fiscal situation .

The Minister of Labor, Mara Ruiz Malec, also attended the meeting. For the trade union sector, representatives of ATE, UPCN, Fegeppba, Aemopba, AERI, Ajamop, AMS, APLA, APOC, Cicop, SGP, Soeme, Sosba and SSP.

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