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Setrata dos dos deportes hibridos surgidos en el siglo XIX, que utilizan la bicicleta de una manera mucho más attractiva: bikepolo y cycleball

You are in love with the bike and you want to take it to the next level. There are some hybrid sports that allow you to have new experiences in the world, including an activity that is exclusive to the jet set, like the polo. Mintras que el Ciclobol es una experiencia diferente para el futbol de sala traditional.

The rules are simple, but it is important to note a goal while guarding the equilibrium about the two augmentatives and the day of a degree of completeness that makes them very interesting.

We know how to practice these alternative sports:

Bikepolo: deporte de reyes, pero más barato

It is known as a bicycle, a bicycle and a bicycle, and practically it is the same as the polo, which is traditionally played with beautiful and charming horses, but is substituted for bicycles and can be used for specific superficies, to allow me a better deal.

Traditionally, you play in a rectangular field of 150 by 100 meters. You can also find the medians between 120 and 150 meters of length 80 and 100 meters per year. Extraordinarily, every day of the race is always valid to allow a circulation of bicycle and pelota fluid.

The net can have between 30.48 and 38.1 centimeters in diameter. Mintras que el bastón o mazo tiene una longitud de un metro de largo. The lens of the game is the goal: to play a pelota with a cane and leverla inside a bow that is 1.80 meters long and 90 centimeters high. It is located in the extremities of a rectangular can. After each goal, the team will be able to group in their real estate, which will rival the middle of the field.

Enjoy the teams of titular queues and the extra duran quadruple quadro periods of 7.5 minutes, known as Chukkar.

You can use a bicycle and normally adapt the game to your tastes and needs. It is especially useful to use special brands for the game. Tienen poca distancia entre ejes, así como entre la rueda trasera y los pedales, además de un tuvo vertical que sostiene el manubrio, frenos en amb ruedas con un solo comando i ruedas cubiertas por una tapa lisa para evitar que los bastones se atoren entre los rhodos de las ruedas.

Mintras que las pelotas que se usan son de otros deportes como street hockey o roller hockey.

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History and evolution

The version in the bike is además, but it is now as beautiful as the powder. Hecho, dated 1891, as an idea of ​​the Irish Richard J. Mecredy, who also organized the example of the Bkepolo Scalp and CC Ohne Hast. In a few years, the deportation extended to the United Kingdom, the European Union and France and extended its comments.

In 1901, the first international party was entered, between Ireland and England. There is also a sports hall on display at the 1908 Olympic Games in London with Ireland as the winner of the front in Germany.

This sport is popularized in the decade of the 30 years in Gran Brittany and France, countries where regional leagues are formed. Pero el deporte dejo de practicarse en el Reino Unido por la Segunda Guerra Mundial. Currently only with some competencies in France.

In the 80’s, he practiced in India until the founding of the Polo Association in 1966, as well as in the EU, where he became a member of the Association in 1994. He resumed the organization of the 1996 Bikepolo World Cup in the EU. India is the first champion of specialty. Three years have passed since the second World Cup and new India won the title.

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bike polo

The initials of this siglo, opto por jugar en superficies de concreto, con el nombre de Hard Court Bike Polo, en la ciudad de Atlanta, Georgia. This is due to the fact that the camps of the team are still in the game and in the absence of an elevated result. Currently the most popular songs are very popular in North America, Europe, Australia, Asia and South America.

You can also play a variety of cement cans with three players. This version is played on 40 by 20 meters.


The cycleball can be realized with mountaineering bikes in a concrete bench for football halls of 14 by 11 meters. Porterías miden dos metros de longitud y dos metros de alto. There is also a penalty area, with a form of semicircle that extends the target area.

The teams will be formed with the two girls and the lens, they will be able to catch the balloon at the opposite level. The difference between football, only a player can be inside the penalty area and you can use the hands as a porter.

cycle ball

The balcony is between 17 and 34 centimeters in diameter and weighs 500 and 600 grams. The bicycle also has a maneuver that facilitates delicate delicacies, but it is also possible to find the right track to facilitate the “cabalites”. Las ruedas deben ser de igual tamaño, con una rodada minima de 20 y maxima de 26. Durante el partido, si un jugador rompe su bicicleta, puede cambiarla.

Due to the categories, the time of each part varies. But with a level of professionalism, you will be playing for 45 minutes and the games of veterans will only take minutes. The modalities vary from the time of the game to the type of field of the game, mainly divided and specific.

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History and evolution

Fue creado en 1893 por un alemán-estadounidense, Nicholas Edward Kaufmann. The first world championships were realized in 1929 and with the maximum number of historical figures, the Czechoslovak Germans Jindřich and Jan Pospíšil, who dominated the sports between 1965 and 1988.

El Cycleball is a very popular sport in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic and Japan. It is governed by the organ of the rector of the World Cycling Union of the International Cyclist Union (UCI), which is called “Indoor Cycling”. Of course, as a match with the world champions of other disciplines related to cycling, the world champion of this discipline is a gatekeeper with the colors of the arches.

cycle ball

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