Sports benefits for memory and cerebral health

Realize deporte y physical exercise with regularity is beneficial for el body and to maintain an adequate weight. Yes, there is also a demonstration that is a regular practice of regular help in cerebral health to remember memory.

Here, a team of neurocientific people University of Guinea (Suiza) has demonstrated a physical activity session that only lasts 15 minutes in a memory bicycle; includes the acquisition of new motor skills.

In particular, it is innovative to invest in the skills of sports, so much for the health of education. «Destination programs and strategies destined to reduce the effects of neurodegeneration in memory podrian beneficiarse de ello », arguan los autores del estudio.

The benefits of physical education for memory

Normally, when a person realizes physical exercise be physically and psychologically aware of their finalization. It is a sensation caused by the endocannabinoids, which is due to a number of small molecules generated by the enduring body physically.

Beneficial physical education for memory

This studio, published in the year 2020, is a manifestation of new records about the benefits of physical activity in memory. Respect for the endocannabinoids, the author of the work, Kinga Igloi, said that “circulating in the blood and cruising easily in the hematoencephalic barrier. Luego se unen para spepecializar los receptov celulares y desencadenan esta sensación de euphoria. Además, estas mismas molecularas se unen a los receptore del hippocampo, la principal estruktura cerebral para el processamiento de la memoria ».

To analyze the effect that can provoke physical activity en el aprendizaje motor, lis científicos pidieron a un grupo de 15 jóvenes sanos, los cuales no eran atletas, que se sometieran a una proeba de memoria en tres condiciones de ejercicio físico.

You are in very good condition for 30 minutes of moderation, after 15 minutes of intense cycling or a period of rest.

Study method

Detail of Blanca Marín Bosch, one of the principal authors of the study, «the era was the next one: A pantalla mostraba cuatro puntos puntos colocados uno al lado del otro. When you know that one of the points is converted into a star, the participant should be able to talk to the corresponding button as soon as possible. Follow a predefined and repetitive sequence to evaluate with precision how to determine the movements. This is very similar to what we want to do, for example, we want to write in a bet that is very fast. Después de una sesión deportiva intensiva, el rendimiento fue mucho mejor ».

Además de los resultados ilustradores con respecto a las memory tests, this team of observers observed considerable changes in the cerebral structures and traverse of a functional magnetic resonance. Igualmente llevaron a cabo analizis de sangre para medir lo niveles de endocannabinoides.

As a conclusion, the authors insure that the analysis coincides with the benefits generated by the memory. It is said that most of the individuals are active in the hippocampus, which is the cerebral area of ​​memory. The most fashionable, also incremental more than the nuclear nucleus, which is considered to be a cerebral structure implied in the motor processes.

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