Ser fan de los deportes puede ser bueno para tu salud

Low yield. That the team belongs to the category. What reciprocal administrative sanctions. What a pity for someone else. La affection for sports you can make a fireplace easy, you can include in the time of Gloria acecha the fantasy of a little girl.

Without embargo, the passion for sports is a solid mantle between the officials, who are sure to stay economical, social and emotionally for the teams that support.

It has been reported that American football fans are 46 years old and talk about their team and thinking about it. The road is 476 kilometers long to assist in a part of the house.

A family of four players who will be able to pay the guests for 780 dollars (15 million 900 Mexican pesos) for a lot.

In 2018, the football fans in Gran Bretaña hosted a 712-pound media (19 million 700 pesos) to join the team. The song is augmented by the game club in the Premier League.

Quizá el peso de la derrota haga que los fans se pregunten si vale la pena gastar todo ese dinero e invertir ese tiempo en un equipo. But keep in mind, the investments of the master that, in addition to a game you can cause, be an official in the sports can be good for you, including when your team is lost.

More than a game

The sports competencies can provoke intense emotional responses in athletes. Liberation of a hormone called cortisol causes a reaction to stress, which includes the increase in heart rate and respiration, and prepares us for the problems and demands that can be presented. This can be observed in distinct stages of a contingent.

Between the male athletes, he watched a test of testosterone while experimenting with triumph, a local game that included the victory of a teammate. Investments made with tennis players suggest that those who have the best testosterone levels before a game, feel more optimistic about the score.

He has a sports competency that can provoke a testosterone increase. A testosterone supplement can promote dopamine release, a message associated with recompensation and positive feelings.

The investments suggest that the officials can experiment with physiological reactions similar to those of athletes who are addicted. For example, during the FIFA World Cup in 2010, Spanish men and women presented the highest levels of testosterone and cortisol while watching a game, but this is not related to the victory of the Selection.

In a similar way, he studied during the 2014 World Cup, which showed men and Brazilian women who competed profoundly with the team of experimented levels of elevated cortisol. It signifies that we have levels of high altitude, especially in situations of inflection and frustration.

The cortisol is free when we experiment with a factor that can affect our immune system.

For the most part, the most interesting and susceptible people can get emotional and emotionally demented to find out what a cortisol excels in prolonged periods can lead to worsening health. De hecho, durante el mismo Mundial de 2014, investigadores en Alemania reportaron que, en el transcurso del evento deportivo, aumentó el numero de hospitalizaciones a causa de ataques cardiacos entre hombres y mujeres.

Be part of the multitude

The officials played an instrumental paper for their teams. Contribute to the local sale, a condition that has been recognized by trainers and players.

Be part of the multitude also be able to benefit from the officials. Send a social connection to a positive effect on the highway and the benefit.

Affection for the help of sportsmen to satisfy our need for retention. The fanatics can learn to glorify the triumph together with their religious, family friends.

Attesigar a victoria, aficionados al futbol americano universitario experimentan un aumento del autoestima que se mantiene hasta un par de dias después del juego. In the wake of the highways of quienes, he found himself in the throes of the state, being part of a group that could act as a protection mechanism.

Other investments have found that there are more members of the official teams who are not exitosos. As a result of the investment, some of these teams will be able to sacrifice their lives through their friends. The social connections that are forged in these clubs can result in significant benefits for your fans.

When the restrictions on the pavidemia of covid-19 provoked the suspension of sports events, the importance of many adjuvants to the sports was very clear. On account of an incident, 43% of the fans coincided with the fact that their mental health was negatively affected when the live sports were suspended due to the suspension of the pandemic. The result of the result is that 62% of those fanatics are close to the impossibility of seeing a representative spectacle of negative negative impact on management.

From the perspective of psychology and social, be an official in the sports can give many benefits and benefits to the people of Gloria, but also to us in the right place.

English translation: Ángel Soto Saldívar




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