Save the health of a nutritionist in Physioclinics

It is a testament to a style of living and living hazards, but not restrictive ones, which provoke a good health of alleys of illnesses and chronic pathologies. It is important to adopt this style of life, it is the desire to have a professional like Irene Vidal Sánchez, nutritionist of the Physical Clinic who incidence of the need to abandon diets and dairy products to work for a nutritionist who is also a nurse. to prevent and treat other possible illnesses.

“No es lo lo que comes, sino también lo que te mueves, cómo decanas e incluso el estrés chronico de bajo grado que existe por el el estilo de vida actual i tiene muchas repercusiones en el sobrepeso”, asegura Vidal quien incide en la importancia de a deportiva deprativa diaria o al menos 3 o 4 veces por semana. “When you don’t have time, you have to prioritize what is important, but only because you are also in the hope that there is also an emotional level that is a summary of all these factors,” he said.

Food between the most beautiful

But the nutritionists can’t help but adultery with their own hands. “We have given the account of all the alimony decisions that this one has to relate to what we have in the future. Tenemos que ayudarles y educarles en habitos saludables, como la ausencia de estres, buen rescanso y la praktica de deporte », explica la nutrionista asegurando que los padres, eduadores o nutricionistas son el ejemplo a parir del cual el héit adqué Mayor parte de las determiniones alimentarias del pequeño están condicionadas por su entorno cercano.

Advertising and marketing

Irene Vidal also opened the pilgrimage to the love of sweet diets, beaten with detox products that are just proportional to the frustration. “We want to find a healthy diet based on minimally processed foods, which we cook in the house and everything, we can discuss with them and be adapted to our needs”, he said.

To avoid escaping the marketing and sensationalist publicity, Vidal subraya that is fundamentally important for what we need every nutrient and what food group it is. In this form, we tend to the herbal remedies to make decisions about how we feed.

“A nutritionist can provide you with a lot of nutritional value. Además, procuramos adapter las pautas de alimanción saludable a cada pacient, teniendo en cuenta todas sus necesidades i sus factorores más psicosociales. In addition, help to build a structured menu, a nutritionist and help with herbs like shopping lists, interpretation of nutritional labeling or cooking techniques that are more useful for self-care loggers, long-term care pero rica y adaptedada a ti », puntualiza.

Centrism weight

One of the most important points of view to learn a healthy living style is to avoid the center cent. This fashion, recognizing that a professional evaluation of where the weight is, the patient has a lot of reservations about the weight of abdominal pain, the level of muscular mass that helps in the process of weight loss … «And we value the values psychosocials who also have an influence on how to accumulate the ability to see your ability to respond to a treatment of weight loss », concludes.

Claves for better

Escape from ultraprocessed products: buy in the market, in the supermarket. We are obligated to buy fresh products, cocinarlos en casa donde podemos usar specias, aromatic aromas and aceites of good quality.

We also dedicate a few minutes to organize and plan the menu.

Ultimately, it is optimal that the children accompany us in shopping and cooking. This form, we reduce the neophobia of alimentary or the recovery to try and introduce new foods in your habitual diet.

Sin duda, habitos sencillos que nos ayudarán a tener un estilo de vida más saludable de la mano de un nutrionista quien nos enseña cómo elegir nuestros alimentos.


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