Santa Fe celebrates March 20 on the Second Carrier of the Igualdad, which will recover from the pandemic

Redaccin | March 10, 2022

Presentation of the Second World Cup (CSIF)

The second Carrera por i Igualdad “5 Kilometros 5 Causas”, organized by the CSIF Granada union in collaboration with the Santa Fe City Council, took the scene back to the pandemic and reunited the search for a millennium of marchers in the 20s the historic center of santaferina.

This fashion, responsible for the Igualdad of CSIF Granada, Ascensión Serrano, has confirmed this man the “regress” of the second edition in a press conference celebrated in the seat of the union of the provincial president, Victoria Eugenia Pineda, the conception de Deportes y Salud del Ayuntamiento de Santa Fe, Patricia Carrasco, y la concejala de Igualdad, Susana Fraga. The responsible trade union has recorded that it is considered a “social and revitalization” in the form of an inclusive career “planned for federated athletes / as well as members for affiliated people and physical conditions that can be achieved by driving, walking or walking the prism of the company’s compromise with real gender equality ”.

Tras el aplazamiento de la carrera que tenía previsto disputarse el 15 de marzo de 2020 como medida preventiva ante el coronavirus, la organizacion ha dado luz verde para retomar la prueba en torno al Día Internacional de la Mujer, celebrado el pasado 8 de marzo. The embassies take over the numbers of the first edition, which includes more than 570 participants and consume an integrated integration of 2,500 euros destined for the Association against the Chancellor of Santa Fe.

The race celebrates the goal of “5 kilometers 5 minutes” due to the fact that “every kilometer is dedicated to a motif of our work and light for the sake of equality”, said Serrano. The example of ellas llama to eradicate the violence of the genus; the second, to support the prevention, investment and treatment of specific diseases of women; the third kilometer to break the salaric breach, the quartet to favor the co-education, and the fifth, to comment on the correspondence.

The test in the absolute category – the competition is an edition with trophies for junior, senior and veteran-comerzará in las once de la mañana con un recorrido urbano circular desde la Plaza de España de Santa Fe hasta la calle Real, Paseo del Señor de la Salud, Simón Bolivar, Fernando de los Ríos, Los Cerezos, González Polo, Río Genil, Camino de Ullar, Avenida de América (ida y vuelta), Arrecife, calle Real and meta en plaza de España.

The organization facilitates the guardianship service for the few minors to dispute the absolute final of the day, as well as the varieties of distinctive shelves between the participating dorsals. To match the duce of the mañana, discuss the points you try for men of the four-year-olds – categories cadets, infantil, alevín, benjamín, prebenajmín and pitufo- with circuits closed by 1, 2 and 3 kilometers by the arches of Santa Fe.

The persons of interest should be informed about the median of March 15 at o de forma presencial en el polideportivo municipal santaferino o en la sede de CSIF Granada. The box of instructions is about five euros for adults, three euros for men and women and free of charge for people with disabilities. Además, the organization of the dorsal cero.

By the way, the concept of Sports and Health of Santa Fe has been encouraged to participate in this initiative with which recovery is destined for the realization of health benefits, such as rhizotherapy, postural hygiene, which contributes to improving the quality of life. the walls of the local durante los dos próximos años.

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