Robaron los caballos de un centro de equinoterapia gratuito que trabaja con chicos con discapacidad

For the most recent news for chicos with a disability that makes every month as part of their therapy: Ayer por madragada, entraron a robar al Yanapay Free Equinotherapy Center y se llevaron los tres caballos. The center is located in the rural paradise of La Lata, in kilometer 7 of the provincial route 16, in the part of President Perón. Aunque, denuncian los vecinos, los robos de caballos están siendo moneda frecuente en la zona, estos tres ejemplares tenían una característica particular: use us as part of rehabilitation therapy of persons with disability y their animals are specially trained to work with chicosya que fueron preparados desde potrillos de una manera diferente.

Not only that, equinotherapy is an alternative therapy that will be very powerful, because of the high cost of keeping the cavallos. Without embargo, this center offers more than 10 years of free service to the community and the guests are fully integrated for an evangelical church, the Community of Christian Zone Sur and the Civil Association Mano Extendida. This form, chicos cicos, cuyos padres no podrían pagar el tratamiento to take care of these years, accept the free form of therapy that indicates your medical care for rehabilitation. It is one of the free centers of equinotherapy that exists in the country.

A session at the Yanapay Equinotherapy Center, in front of the robo

For this, the news of robo de Rayo, Lucero y Gato, los tres caballos del centro Yanapay enter the community of families that compete and exist in the center of equinotherapy.

Gustavo Felice, the coordinator of the equinotherapy center and pastor of the community who received information that was realized by the mañana realized denunciation in the rural commissariat of San Vicente and in the fiscalía and in the guernica commissioner. For the tarde, la rural police department to invest in Bransen equines compete in the place to take photos and look at the works of robots.

Rayo, Lucero y Gato, los tres caballos que se robaron
Rayo, Lucero y Gato, los tres caballos que se robaron

Explicitly, to be a part of this therapy, the cables that are useful deben haber sido domados con la denominada monta india, esto es sin castigos físicos para ser mansos y aptos para el trabajo con niños with disability. It is because it is very different from the remodel. “It simply came to our notice then. We are diffused by the images of the cavallos. We believe that most of the people who have seen something like that in the place of someone else can get in touch with us, ”said Felice. For this, call a phone, el 15 3232-1355, to retrieve information about the cables.

Good good part of the pandemic, the center of equinotherapy is closed, of the case with the protocols. Without embargo, this has been a month since he was able to work. For that, lthe professionals of the center, who work in the form of voluntary freedom to achieve a sustainable recovery of patients and cavallos. I am enthusiastic about the first advances that take place in the girls who participate in the activities. Without embargo, everything is going to be interrupted by the robo. And only that, I also know that there are many girls who are affected by the suspension of their therapy.

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