Puerto comercial más grande y concurrido del Mar Caspio- Puerto de Bakú

Baku, March 10, AZERTAC

El Puerto de Bakú is situated in the modern Ruta de la Seda and the main transport corridors.

Official references to a port in Baku are being repaired in the year 1500, and the commercial maritime has one of the main activities of the city of Duran. Fue en 1564 cuando, por el decreto del shah Safávida, Tahmasib I, el jeque Zahid fue nombrado primer ministro del puerto de Bakú.

In the finals of the 17th century, the Indian merchants traveled through the Ardabil carriageway, actually in Iran, in Shamakhi and Baku, the principal commercial centers of the State. Unos 200 indios vivían en las afueras de estad ciudades. The products of luxury, like seda, las joyas, el aceite, la sal, el pescado and lo caballos los traian in this region.

The records of the 16th century indications that a group of Indian merchants are located in Shamakhi and Baku with Russian trades, as animals, animal bodies, cobra and caviar. The caravans of these cities are transporting markets in India to Afghanistan or the Gulf of Persia.

On September 17, 1854, by decree of Nicholas I of Russia, the port of Baku was restructured as a military maritime port. To enter the streets, the gate functions as a commercial station and as a military center for maritime defense. From 1858, the boats of the Flotilla del Caspio del Imperio Ruso Tuvieron were based in the port. The prosperity of its coastal waters, the favored meteorological conditions and the gasoline-powered facilities have turned into an ideal place for a naval base. Baku is located in the center of the province of Homónim tras el devastador terremoto from 1859 in Shamakhi. the population of the Governor of Baku is constantly increasing. The fortifications of the medieval castles for the demolition of 1861 for the gift of a large door to a large aduana in el muelle.

The construction of the actual port of Baku commented on the 19th century badge of the Russian Empire, and was officially inaugurated as the port of Bajura on July 21, 1902. One of the principalities of the world and the mayor of the Russian Empire in the wake of trade and passenger traffic. From 1923 to 1924, the trade in the port of Commerce was 27.3% of the total cargo enviada en toda la Unión Soviética. This meeting in Baku is the main port of the USSR. In 1963, a new transporter terminal was opened, following the construction of a mullet for passenger services. These advances were completed with the construction of a new building for the passenger terminal in 1972.

By the decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, who was elected on March 18, 2015, “Puerto Internacional de Comercio Marítimo de Bakú”, is established. The opening ceremony of the new Puerto de Baku is located on the 14th of May 2018.

Del 8 al 11 de mayo de 2018, el Puerto de Bakú acogió la Konferencia Mundial de Puertos de la IAPH celebrada en Eurasia Central por primera vez. The event of 4 days has a great exit, attracting more than 400 participants in 65 games. The main topic of the conference was “Puertos del futuro: Construir centros, acelerar la connectividad”.


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