Posea tierras NFT en el metaverso Moon y gane riquezas entre las estrellas

Key words:
  • The NFT countries are able to buy, sell, rent and dispense with the most popular games.

  • Every transaction that takes place in a land of generations for your property on the Moon token.

El Metaverso Moon invited the players to an epic journey of fiction between the stars. Create a character, release a new world and convert to one of the first colonizers of the Moon. The game of the special play-to-earn era is always a way out of the private lands and acaba de lanzar a la venta su tan esperado globo astronomómico.

With a lunar landscape computing 126,000 NFT land generators, the globe is very detailed and explosive. The potential terraces of the Moon finally have a total liberty about the planning of the space exploration mission and can prove the mayor the availability of land and resources.

Every NFT lunar is an intelligent inversion for those who are looking for the benefit of metaversion. The lands are organized by the owners of the opportunity to participate in the economy impulsed by the players of the Moon constructing houses, initiating business and participating in a range of activities that generate resources.


Prepare to explore other worlds and adventures in the deserts, creations and cadences of the Moon. See an impressive view of the Land of Establishment in the land of the Moon, explore the great horizon with a landmark in the infamous land.

Inspired by the legends of the legendary strategy of Civilizations and the Age of Empires, the Metaverso Moon saw the heroes of the level of freedom without precedents being embarrassed by an emotional journey to discover the mysteries of the Moon.

Visit the world here to comment on the adventure.

Why buy moonlit lands?

Moon is on the list to revolutionize the market of NFT players to bring together the most opportune opportunities for explorators and winners.

The value of the NFT land plots can be attributed to the efforts of an intelligent and strategic player. Generate income from the form of passive medicine that the companies and members of the community participate in the life of lunar working and paying impulses. Every transaction that takes place in a field of generations for your property in the form of a native Moon token.

The most popular properties have a complete lunar landscape, including places very close to the Polish North and the great creeks of dessert. Every one of them can buy, sell, rent and free of charge from the tenths of the mediocre games to the use of Moon tokens.

The ecosystem impulsed by the game of the Moon has been designed to be intelligent in order to rejuvenate the value of the long plaza of tokens and, at the same time, to increase the demand for its finite areas, game recurrences and hermitages. The Tokens Moon will be able to maintain a variety of activities in the game and can be preserved for a long time, selling and exchanging crypto or simple retro-food in the game to continue with Hex’s release.

Space game

The final mission of the lunar community is superior to the alumniations of the 60’s finals and the principles of the 70’s median creation of the first lunar colony. The main game is back to the control of the plots of land NFT repartidas about the totality of the lunar surface. These are virtual acts like the most important and valuable activities of the game.

  • The players formed clans and worked together to unload the lands of the Moon.
  • Create interplanetary commercial routes and build profitable businesses.
  • Negotiate the disputes of political disputes and navigate through the ferocious conflicts that can lead to long periods of voter turnout.
  • Discover the mysteries and discredit theories of conspiracy exploring the shadow of the moon.

El Metaverso Moon is launching the finals of this year. Sea uno de los primeros en experimentar la vida en la Luna visitando el globo hoy. The adventure awaits you!

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