Polo. The team of the jequesa dio el golpe: con Polito Pieres como figura, UAE venció a los Cambiaso y conquistó la Copa de la Reina en Inglaterra

I was the favorite, but I played like that, and amplified. UAE se impuso en la final por la Copa de la Reinaone of the most important European trophies, por 10 and 6 a Sconethe team of the Changewith the Argentines: Pablo “Polito” Pieresla figura del partido, y su primo Tomás Panelo, of 21 years. Take the first step in this level through the part of the patron y jequesa emirate Maitha Mohammed Rashid Al Maktoumand the second Irishman Tomás Beresford.

This is not Isabel II to enter the laurel, but not the el torneo dejo de ser muy fuerte. The English time is high for the most beautiful part of Argentina, for the euphoria of the Pieres festival is not the end of the final campaign. The last game is between the barrel and the floor, attacking the arch of the Scone in search of a fifth goal of difference.

An impending sale, so much before the party as in the first two of these chukkers, in the que Adolfo Cambiasosu hijo “Jury” e Isidro Strada habían dominado el juego y parcialmente el tanteador (2-0, 4-2), pero no habían logrado escaparse al final de cada periodo (2-2, 4-3). En el tercero, UAE quebró el desarrollo, cambió defender por atacar y paso de perdedor momentáneo a puntero in the table. And there are some superior forces.

Compact to the final

Come on, you want to be the 11th conquista of the cup, and your companions will be enchanted in a short court, meandering, and it will be a great time to find good friends in the country. The UAE, in exchange, opened the game and gave the bike, all of them Pieres. On the first panel there was an excellent defender and Beresford in the two facets.

Bochazo a Cambiaso en el brazo izquierdo

The young Panel had a campaign in the exterior and a good part of the year in Dubai, working on the doors. The Irish Beresford, the mother of Chile and the home of an important policeman, must be growing. In 2017 he won the third trophy in the Proprietorship Cambiaso, as an integral part of the Croatian team, and he won the prize as the best player (MVP) of the final aquella. Ahora, at the age of 25, is preparing for the Argentine season, in which the classification for the Palermo City between Miguel Novillo Astrada, Mariano González (h.) And Manuel Elizalde, near La Aguada. Lagará con dos coronaciones en la Copa de la Reina en su curriculum, nada menos.

The festivals of the champion

El año pasado lograron este trofeo Bartolomé (h.) Y Camilo Castagnola, polistas de La Natividad en la Triple Corona de Buenos Aires. Now the house is accompanied by Pieres. “It simply came to our notice then. We can’t imagine that we have this hoof in hand ”, commented Polito, of 34 years, which aggregates this conquista to a CV that he contacted with the British Open of 2012, ganado junto al uruguayo David Stirling por el equipo Cortium. From the semana entrante encarará otra vez la disputa de la Copa de Oro, la maxima competencia europea de polo, que en 2020 tuvo por venceores a los Cambiaso.

The synthesis of the UAE 10 vs. Scone 6

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