Polo. The finale of the Palermo Festival and the party that hopes to lose

Palermo has a new rey, the team of the Castagnola venció por 15 a 13 a La Dolfina y sacó de su trono al histórico ganador. Con Camilo Castagnola, Pablo Pieres, Bartolomé Castagnola and Ignatius Du Plessis, La Natividad Polo Team are crowned champions by example. In a final adjustment, the midfielders, the Castagnola, and the one, Adolfo Cambiaso, are also attractive in the extra competence.

For a few years, HSBC is the title of sponsor, with 20 consecutive years of patronage in the Aberto Palermo and following the consequent participation as a sponsor of the Aberto Femenino de Polo. The team of Mia Cambiaso and the Germans Milagros and Candelaria Fernández Araujo, together with the esperado regress of Nina Clarkin, the mother of her mother, and the impuso in front of El Overo to win the maximum trophy.

“We have a lot of content to celebrate the 128th Abierto Argentino de Polo HSBC, our presence is consolidating year after year. There are more than 20 years that we have the presence of the brand and 10 of them are the title sponsor of this international sports hall ”, said Julia Lois, Head of Marketing at HSBC. And he added: “For the sake of accompanying the Abbey of Feminino de Polo, we represent it for our great organ because it is a way of giving visibility to feminine sports and accompanying women to their inclusion in this discipline.”

Open Argentine de Polo

Finalized the certificate, the bank won a distinction of the best players from each of the finals, in this manner, by the team of masculine result distinguished Bartolomé Castagnola, who was in the formation of the feminine award for Nina Clarkin.

Exclusive and renovated space in the arsenal of the Argentine Field of Polo, the HSBC customers have been tempted by a gastronomic experience of the Narda Lepes manor and the Epicoore World Program. “It was the place where the bank received and sent its customers to the end of the whole tournament. In the menu we treat you with fresh frescoes and some more food for all tastes. In the field of Polo, there is a place where you can sleep, ”said Narda Lepes. “The elegies to taste the final son of a salad of tomatoes and spices with some spicy, mini pancakes with a taste of pepins and a spectacular burr, but also a variety of dishes that save all time and ice cream to enjoy. day of heat ”, said the chef.

About the HSBC space, making sure it lasts all day long. “It is an unbelievable place, I want to work with you all months and you are a martyr here and I can’t create the spectacular place it is. El predio es maravilloso y nosotros tratamos de que este espacio sea acogedor con buen servicio ”, destacó la cocinera.

Además, a gastronomy of excellence, the final HSBC reception for its customers and special invitations with a bar, a light show and a performance by DJ Puli Demaría. Benjamín Vicuña, Donato De Santis, Karina El Azem and Nieves Zuberbühler are looking for celebrities who are looking forward to celebrating HSBC.

At the turn of the tournament, the customers of the bank will receive a 20% discount on the subscription and tickets with credit cards. HSBC will provide access to a Skybox tribune with a capacity of 60 people from where special invitations will be presented and will include the final history. With these polo players, HSBC reaffirmed its alliance with the most important sports tower in 2022.


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