Polo: Alegría, la vigencia de la vieja guardia en un año donde dominó el recambio

In a year of recourse to the surprises and the precedent – without precedent – of a song of young Promises, Alegría sacó la cara por la vieja guardia y con una victoria 14-12 ante Chapaleufú seseguró el 8º lugar en el ranking. Here, take a match against the Copa Camara de Diputados champion to preserve the status of Triple Corona.

Leaders por Agustín Merlos, next to 45, in one of the best times of the last years, Alegría consiguió su primer triunfo a la hora señalada: en el noveno y último partido de la Triple Corona 2021. Fue la figura en el ultimo partido de la cancha 2, que se despidió con un choque entretenido y emotivo, de los que no hubo tantos este año en ese escenario.

Chapaleufu vs. Alegria. 5/12/21THE NATION / Fabian Marelli

“The team is always here”, said Tincho. “Let’s play the two games that we play well. Against Brava, we are looking for a place and we will be playing well if we have a team that is the turn of the tournament. ”

Other veterans than Fred Mannix (37 years, the finals of the Triple Crown) and Tomás García del Río (38) aportaron su experiencia. In the present, the best of the team at the time of the fire, paradoxically, a debutant: the Brazilian Pedro Zacharias (22).

Chapaleufu vs.  Alegria.  5/12/21
Chapaleufu vs. Alegria. 5/12/21THE NATION / Fabian Marelli

But all that Victoria is waiting for, Good luck to a good campaign, haciéndoles partido a equipos de mucha mayor valorización como La Dolfina Brava (perdió en supplementario) y Murus Sanctus (iban empatados al final del sexto chukker).

You are happy Chapaleufú, a team that comes from the Classification and part of the first great goal of the 128th Argentine Championship Open al derrotar en el estreno a La Natividad, que venía de ganar Hurlingham una semana antes. As well as everything, I can’t repeat the action in the presentations and terminating the category, which is what Fish Creek Allegory is.

Chapaleufu vs.  Alegria.  5/12/21
Chapaleufu vs. Alegria. 5/12/21THE NATION / Fabian Marelli

The weight of the loss of status, they are waiting for the great things of the two debutants that you have the team of Intendente Alvear in regress to high handicap: Rufino Bensadón, author of 10 goals, and Felipe Dabas. The series is very extra but will not complete the team in 2022. The reclamation is on the market, but the old guard is still resisting.

Allegory 14: Agustín Merlos, 7; Pedro Zacharias, 7; Tomás García del Río, 7, and Fred Mannix, 7. Total: 28.

Chapaleufú 12: Rufino Bensadón, 7; Juan Martín Zavaleta (h.), 8; Julián de Lusarreta, 7, and Felipe Dabas, 7. Total: 29.

Incidence: at the beginning of the 7th century, Juan Jauretche (7) remarried Zacharias.

Progression: Alegría 0-2, 3-2, 6-3, 8-6, 9-8, 11-8, 12-10 and 14-12.

Goles de Alegría: Merlos, 6 (5 penalties); Zacharias, 3 (1 penalty); Garcia del Rio, 3, and Mannix, 2. De Chapaleufú: Bensadón, 10 (6 penalties); Zavaleta, 1; De Lusarreta, 1.

Games: Martín Pascual and Gonzalo López Vargas. Request: Federico Martelli.

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