Police established, prevention of incidents involving equine therapists Guadalajara

From here you can find the caballo used by the man for the transport of persons and military laborers and public security, in particular the Guadalajara and Zapopan Commissariats with the Guardabosques and the Montada Police and the Customs Committee , barns, parks and forests.

In total, the Commissioner’s embassy is concentrated in 85 caballos and 73 jackets for the safety of the possessors. In the case of the Tapatía Police, within the UREDES group (Unidad de Vigilancia de Espacios Deportivos y Recreativos) you have a baptism of 30 caballos, which you have two pounds and a couple of equines that are for retirees.

About the workers who live in Cabo, Oscar Alejandro Alcala González, second Commander of the Guardabosques explicitly states:

“Pues Tenemo de Conocimiento Desde La Antigüedad El Example Medio de Vigilancia SE Part A Caballo Y Ahorita En La Actualidad, we follow in the forest of Los Colomos, in the barracks of Oblatos, we take vigilance in the park of El Deany se da muy buenos resultados ya que sobre el caballo tenemos maš visibilidad, maás alcance que andando a pie tierra, en una bicicleta en una patrulla ”.

The 18 units that encrypt the cabalgar of the natural zones, one of their lands, will prevent the incendiary forests in this time of war:

“With the staff of the Bosques Urbanos Agency, which is to be able to take care of the forest and the forests, we want to guard to avoid the fact that the accident is propagated and the vigilance is kept constant in the fields and in the fields of all types of trucks. in the presence of the bicycle, the patrol could not enter and with the facilitation of the caballo we have the privilege of being with the hermitage that the police force can be seen in the rhinos ”.

Además qué lo ma recurrente dentro de losques es el extravío de personas entre ellos los nños, agregó el comandante Alcala Gonzalez: “A veces los papás se descuidan un poquito y se pierden los niños pero gracias a la actividad de los caballos y de los compañeros en su vigilancia se logra rápidamente recuperar a los pequeños”.

So much so that the support of this project is designed to build an installation that can be equipped with an equinotherapy service, for people with different abilities. The care of the animals, he is with a veterinarian, a gentleman, and a caretaker who is in charge of food, food, water, clean the cavalry, baths.

Zapopan también cuenta con policía montada

The corporation of security in the ex villa maicera account with the Montada Police and Forestal, quienes be located in the forests of La Primavera, El Nixticuil, seguido del Centinela and El Diente, in the urban area are the metropolitan parks and the pedagogy of the water.

The responsible squadron was commanded by Commander Marco Antonio Hernández Avila, who has a cargo of 55 caballos and an equal number of units, each element of which is assigned an equinox, and the element also contains the animal in the field, but here are the explicit results:

In the summer of 2019, we realized 176 cases of administrative misconduct, and 11 cases of delto entre ellas destacan dos arrestos importantes en juni del 2021, se logró la detención de un presunto responsive pyromaniaco que estaba incendiando el cerro del Col and in February this year a similar realization was realized in the forest of Nixticuil, with the apoio of the aerotactic group “Halcón and the staff of Caninos”.

Hernández Avila, detailing the responsibilities that these days of these animals have made, plus an extra comparison with the Upholstery Police and that therapies with the courts:

“Tambien we provide equinotherapy service in the actual contamination with 114 patients that all people receive this service free of charge from our installations and are mainly for children who have a problem with different disabilities and that they can be careful about the fate of the four children who have 14 of them with the help of other medical staff I am also afraid ”.

Sin duda los jamelgos, imponen respeto y autoridad que manyos malhechores temen a ser mordidos o picados con las pesadas herraduras de estos nobles animales.

By: Antonio Neri

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