Paola Longoria: personalities to pay off the racketball

The exit from Paola Longoria but most of the racketball player number one of the world. If you are talented in a privileged place in the history of sports with more than 100 titles, invited for three years (152 games) and 12 times in the rankings; your personality and discipline will also come out in the ambition of business, but now it is part of your job.

In a context in which the women in the world of luchan sports against the breach of general income and the best contracts with patrons, Longoria it is a sample of an ideal image, it can also be a discipline of the Olympics that has implemented multiple commercial campaigns and actually has a return of 10 patronized patrons with the value that prevails. Además de ques sus interests ahora se expanden a través de los emprendimientos, hace poco lanzó su línea de mezcal Dosonce y próximamente una marka de agua alkalina y natural.

How do you contribute to the death of a major space for women?

The athlete contests that she is essentially in the health of the health, while she is also in the message “to inspire the girls, who will be able to attract me to the dream of being a great son, she is a Mexican with a talent that pico piedra ‘y que a lo mejor las pequeñas y grandes empresas al principio no apostaron por mí pero hoy en día he podido trabajar con grandes marcas y así se construye el éxito. It is a process that you have to live from now and that you will be able to do what you do not patronize and you will be able to find the place to be, it will be. Hoy en día yo trabajo con marcas que tienen que ver mucho con lo que a mí me gusta proyectar ”, dijo la rocketball player in interview with The Economist.

Paola Longoria describe yourself as a disciplined person, accessory, with good humor, “an athlete with a great relationship”, to have a good taste and feel good, to have a good taste of glamor and femininity. This is the last thing you consider, you have contributed to the fact that you have the opportunity to attract the brands.

How did you get the key to pay for your sports career?

– “I want to be honored by my family who will be able to support me in my sports career, they will really help me with all the towers and when I want to live in the United States. Con el tiempo creo lo lo que ayudó a que las marcas me voltearan a ver fue, por un lado, mis logros pero también, una de las cosas que he dicho es que el deporte no está peleado con el glamor i siempre era una atleta que I want to be well in the can and feel well ”.

This factor is about 10 years ago, Paola launched a line of sportswear “design, dresses, folders, players, just to play the style that I want and conform to the time of the search for me”.

Paola Longoria admira a Lorena Ochoa, Rafael Nadal, Michael Jordan y Maria Sharapova in the form of what, in the course of your sports career, is also a source of excitement in the world of businesses, associating the brands for the elderly with the image of the propia line of products.

“Maria Sharapova was a tennis player who adhered to the fact that she had tennis in the tennis court and had her own brand of clothes and sweets, Sugarpova, and she was a part of me as a model who told me to play with her, she was racketbolista donde su imagen también esté a la par de las marcas; que me vean como alguien vendible, alguien que a través de mi personalidad puedan transmitir un buen slogan para la marca ”.

If you have worked with distressed agencies, Longoria has never been excited with someone else, but you will always be able to work with any type of brand and when you are a member of your personalities and values. The sportsman collaborated with Red Bull, Nike, Banorte, Value, Coca-Cola, Benefit, Liverpool, Tag Heuer, Zoe Water and Barbie; is actually patronized by SE Freight, ARZYZ Metals, Subz3ro, SEDENA, Sanmy, HEAD, Nike, Laboratory Tequis, entre otros, and has been published in publications of Forbes, Women’s Health, in addition to InStyle.

Es Cómo es Paola Longoria fuera del ámbito deportivo? What interests and objectives do you have?

– “El día de mañana me gustaría formar mi familia, tener hijos, es uno de los sueños que como mujer se me hace super bonito vivirlo. Y ahorita me meti el el lado empresarial, con la pandemia lancé mi línea de mezcal con un socio que tengo en San Luis; también estoy por sacar una marca de agua tanto de alkalina chlorofila como natural, que la tengo con mi primo. And in a future I was a politician, I have a masterpiece in political science, I was invited to the legislature, but everything is at the moment ”.

La rocketball player also describes himself as a very familiar person, who wants to spend time with his friends, travel, go shopping and have a day to relax.

Longoria describe as one of the victorious mayors in the deportee el llegar a ser número uno del tour profesional “porque anteriormente había sido dominado por estadounidenses y canadienses”; also has won the National Sports Award in 2010, year of the biennial and when racketball he was not tanned; also be the maximum Mexican medalist in the Pan American Games with new gold and world championships.

I am able to do this racketball But most of all, the trajectory has helped popularize this sport in the countryside, but most of the children who practice in public spaces because they are mainly killed in private clubs and now have the best tournaments in Mexico.

“He gave a legible tambourine in the wake of the death of a woman who wants to make a career, returns a sports marketing officer, sabers, sells alliances with brands. For me, I have a state with Powerade, Red Bull, hiking a Liverpool campaign where we are not deportivo, representing the women, the faith and feeling well, the fact that we do not want to be deportivo to be a referent; be in the magazine of Forbes, for the two consecutive years, I have to make a reference to how to build a future of sports law. Obviamente no ha sido algo sencillo, hubo muchas lágrimas, soledad, tristeza, porque eso en el camino al éxito lo tienes que vivir (…) han sido unas por otras pero ha valido la pena ”.


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