Mysticism, immersive experience that comes directly to heart and alma

Mysticism is a unique sensory experience of its kind, the main subject is photography, but it is accompanied by a variety of elements designed to translate the spectator into a journey of connection with the Mayan cosmology, the most natural and influential sanctuaries of the world. los caballos: totems of remediation, sabiduria and evolution.

The original experience is a museum in Tulum, without an embargo in 2022 in the temporal manner of the City of Mexico, this space is accompanied by a variety of surprises, charms and events that are open to the main creator, “llevarán a lospectadores a staff trip ”.

Who knows the work of Pepe Soho, he knows that the only one in his photo has a very personal staff. “Passe through many years of physical, neurological, depressive, depressive, enter and hospital problems, but the room and where I left, save my life,” said the creator of Mystique and The Economist.

This is a little bit of a little of a little photo that can be added to the style and feel of the message, but it is “a moment to feel that you need more ideas to communicate that I feel that I have something to say”.

Así Pepe is engaged in involving with videography, cinematography, animation, music, infant specimens, 360 ° cups; last 10 years I was working on an ambitious project, but I didn’t know where I was going to end and the result was Mystic, in Tulum, the actual place of residence of the author.

Accruing with the creator of the building that is a component of the space, “the idea of ​​visiting the road to your interior, where you can find the things you want” the natural, “using is sensibility with what the human account is, and when it is channeled in positive and beautiful things, we have recovered.”

Assuming that you are treating an impulse that has determined the person to live in the life of a hereditary child, Accompanied by music realized especially for it, sales with the heart of Leno, this series of differences to open a museum, where the mentality of the sale of the intellectual level “, the theme with Mystic is” which directly depends on the heart and alma “.

The exhibition halls

Mystique Tulum is a component of various attractions like the Sanctuary, which transports the spectator to the most iconic sanctuaries of Mexico: El mariposa monarca, la ballena jorobada y las luciérnagas. El Maya is located on the path of a sensory road inside a house of 360 degrees, it is a tribute to the cosmology of this culture. Ascension, a sensory space to contemplate the great pyramid of Chichen Itza in a nightmare. And Spirit, which is the end of the homage to these majestic animals of the cavallos.

“Like many artists you have to be humiliated and say ´nosotros no elegimos, a veces las cosas nos eligen a nosotros´”, Pepe platica por ejemplo, que en el caso de los caballos, él cayó de uno ya partir de ese momento de great crisis, with a vacancy and a deep treasure, but no one else can move and make everything possible to save ahí “because it is intolerable”.

Posterior to the moment, commenting on the photos of caballos without realizing what he wanted, he wanted to find the cavallos in the life of the masters “for the sake of being able to live in the world, it is the best to go to the world vida, si lo ves en retrospectiva ”.

Pepe insures that “all these places are literally where they are inside the Gods”. It was a great time to play in the head of Mystic, a show that we can form part of the Pabellón Mexico in the Universal Exposition of Dubai, which will be held on March 30, 2022.

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