Mendoza Futura with 2,100 technical capacity – Unidiversidad

Tendrá organizatsion federal, por lo que habra hastori territoriali i contendidistas, que facilitarán la tarea de los docentes y los alumnos, que se multiplicarán por 9 respecto a 2021.

El Ministry of Economy and Energyin articulation with General Directorate of Schoolspresent el Expansion Plan of the Future Mendoza Program. The project implied design of new roles and the expansion of the territorial territories of entrepreneurship.

Lucas Carballo, program coordinator, explained the importance of the role of facilitator and the details of the expansion of Mendoza Futura in all departments.

“In total, there are 46 nodos from Mendoza Futura in all provincial territories alcanzando to 2,700 young people from all provinces. The facilitators who are trained to be the teachers are organized in pedagogical fields, with good and strong skills, which should be integrated, ”he said.

By the way, the Undersecretary of Industry and Commerce, Alejandro Zlotolow, said: “It is very important to be responsible for our new team in the monitoring of the program and to facilitate the opportunities that young people can find in the department.”

“These are new roles, from territorial monitors and contenders, as facilitators who facilitated the pilot of the 2021 pilot and a half-year-old,” said Carballo.

The regional monitors have the accompaniment and recreation in the territory, the median contact of the fluid with the facilitators in each seat, the alumni and the municipal authorities. Mintras que los contendidistas se encargarán de organizar y desarrollar los contendidos que se abordarán en cada uno de los episodios del programa, actualizándolos en formna permanente.

Mendoza Futura can be opened to the brink of technical integration with integrated communication, social and relational skills at advanced secondary levels, in the form of a non-formal education, as a complementary alternative to business.

The program close the opportunity to board a programming language (Python) and work on the goal of 21st century skills in adolescents, with critical thinking, creativity, communication, collaborative work, problem resolution and entrepreneurship. On the other hand, what to do with dissertation of Facundo Manesalso participates in other social and educational entities such as UTN, el Polo TIC, la UTN San Rafael, la UNCUYO and el Polo de Innovación Tecnológica Región Sur.


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