Malted Cabbages: Why in Argentina do not advance the projects to prohibit the traction of blood

¿Cuál es la razón por la cual en la Argentina no logramos legislar a favor de una ley nacional que ponga fin a la blood traction –TAS- in urban and suburban centers? Es Qué es lo que existe detrás de la resistencia a approbar esta ley? “Los carreros is the margin of the system. Circulan como si nada, sin documentos, pero son intocables. Nadie is paying for the cost of implicit prohibitions ”, says the veterinarian Edgardo Di Salvomember founder and secretary of the Civil Association Association for Social Integration and the Animal Decree (Aluisa), which was presented at the end of a legislative initiative in the Congress of the Nation. “We are planning a parliamentary project that will be held in 2017 and 2019. The idea is to advance what a sea penalty prohibition y hacerlo en un tempo que nos permita generar la substitution de los cars for motorcycles”, Detail.

More than 70,000 equines fall each day in hard-working conditional conditionsGentile CRRE

Against a national law and a penalty solution and a problem that will be very difficult for all of them. caballos, which continually extinguishes the ante of the peace of an inclusive society and the police, which counts with herpes pockets to terminate with this flag. “It’s too easy to sum up populist relationship that we will not criminalize the poor ”, cuestiona Di Salvo. “I want to defend myself in the defense of the argument that this is a valid way to win and always consider everything that can be seen after this activity, and the consequences that you have for those who drive the cars. Like first aid, the condensation conditions are subsidized. We make the present and we condense it in a future and condition vulnerability”, Explains the Aluisa directive.

It is said that there is a lack of security and regulation, the transient accidents their current money; además, sickness como leptospirosis, el hantavirus, la hepatitis y otras aparecen como una de las tantas consecuencias de revolver basura sin un criterio sanitario. The implicit activity also includes the eyes before the children who spend a lot of time driving the cars, robbing the girls and educating them, even though they are mafias who will finally be with the mayor of the recyclable material, as the otter, the carton, the aluminum and the paper. The value of these products is lacking in an environment that the recycler does not decide. Y esto deja a los carreros al margen de un sistema, en el que se mezclan political punters and people who have a lot of money. “I don’t have norms, I don’t have to work, but I can work with biosecurity norms, with guantes, we agree … Of course, this city has to work with all health and safety norms”, said the veterinarian. .

The veterinarian Edgardo Di Salvo with a cabaret
The veterinarian Edgardo Di Salvo with a cabaretGENTILEZA EDGARDO DI SALVO

La animal traction in the cities is a modality of transport associated to the most vulnerable sectors. Según Unicef, this is the second cause of infantile work with 57,000 children circulating in the torn of this activity. There are a total of 250,000 families who use all the cables as a medium of transport in our cities. More than 70,000 equines fall every day forced work in uncontrollable conditions and malpractice and the ability to live in harmony with nature.

Los carros se alquilan a 1500 pesos, los caballos trabajan durante doce horas seguidas hasta que son entregados ya las horas están nuevamente circulando, por lo que prácticamente no descansan. Estonia desnutridos, lastimados, con el espíritu quebrado, tomando agua de los charcos, traccionando hasta morir. The opposite of this problem is the organization that needs to be included in the search for the best possible animals. El Equino Rescue and Rehabilitation Center (CRRE) it is the organization most recognized by your labor with the caballos. Florencia Sampietro, alma mater y cofundadora junto a Anabel Campos, relata: “Trabajé manyos años en assistencialismo, con carreros y sus caballos, a los que desparasitábamos i curábamos para luego devolvérselos. Someone who has impenetrable cavalry, but not even the mayor. I hope to feel that, in the manner in which we are working, we do not generate any significant meaning. In the middle of the day we were in the place, all of us back. Before the impotence that we feel, we decide to create the CRRE. We are very happy and we want to pay our bills, we want to help them. But we are creating and advising fathers and adoptive parents. We welcome every time you complete. We will be able to do what we want to do when it comes to making money ”.

The pony Peregrino was ridden with a fracture in his head on his right.  Live on CRRE
The pony Peregrino was ridden with a fracture in his head on his right. Live on CRRE Gentile CRRE

Hoy, the CRRE account with 37 hectares, hospital180 volunteers y siete veterinarians that are the only ones who will be able to be all in the act. “We have many ampoules and many cavalry and old and atrophies, for those who have a very different job and to take care of us have the ultimate surprise. Son animales que han sufrido toda la vida y les damos una vejez digna. The food of the TAS is the fridge and the food of those who live in the sanctuaries of the sanctuary, which is very important ”, said Sampietro. “Hay que parar el robo y la faena. Hoy conseguir un caballo es muy barato. Hay que cortarlo del raíz ”, agrega.

Some pets are allowed, like the Jade dog, I recommend
Some pets are allowed, like the Jade dog, I recommend Gentile CRRE

From here to the years also, combating together Rural Patrol of the Bonaeren Police a new and cruel modality of the “game”: las cinchadas con carros. The news that he has a competency with a half-barrier. To determine the people, empathize with the situation. The cars are at the same time as the meeting. Mentsras los caballos son castigados, la gente grita enfervorizada. Quien arrastre al contrincante sera el ganador. When this is the case, the caballo prededor caerá al suelo o se dará vuelta frakturándose la columna. “Jade, a jegugu hoy ya adopted, la rescatamos de las cinchadas. Cayó y fue arrastrada, pero pudimos sacarla de allí y salvarla. This is a success in many places of conurbation. Pasa en Rodríguez, Varela, Moreno… ”, Sampietro account.

“When we have a caballo or we are hungry for robbed cabal, contaminated with the help of the Rural Patrol and especially of subcommittee Juan Manuel Rodríguez, patrol cargo in Pilar, who are the only ones who have a baton. Rodríguez is known for his work in La Plata and Jubilee. Al llegar al lugar y percatarse de que el perro que había recibido un tiro intentando defender a su dueño todavía respiraba, lo cargó inmediatamente en el auto y lo llevo a la veterinaria: le salvó la vida. Debido a sus antecedentes, fue trasladado a Pilar para hacerse cargo de la Patrulla Rural y termino con los delitos de abigeato en nueve meses. “She is 19 years old and she is a police officer. And always treats the best, but the connection with the animals to the transformation. If I am fascinated by the police, the animals are my potential. I compromise with each case and we have the fund. We know the most important things. We are 11 efficient, a team. Here we find the cars and we don’t have anything to do. Confiscating the animal, breaking the zoonosis and securing the car, because we don’t want to kill other animals at the same time. They are known as any other vehicle. See the documentation, the libretto that accredits the property, the certificate of anemia; it is stated that he is a lord, that he has no legions, that the weight of the car is not excessive for the caballo. Tampoco permitimos que usen látigo ”, describe Rodríguez.

Los carros se alquilan a 1500 pesos, los caballos trabajan durante doce horas seguidas hasta que son entregados ya las horas están nuevamente circulando
Los carros se alquilan a 1500 pesos, los caballos trabajan durante doce horas seguidas hasta que son entregados ya las horas están nuevamente circulandoGentile CRRE

As an example of the substitution of cars for motor vehicles, the most important thing is the load of the cargo Franz Weber Foundation (FFW) -Argentina and la Municipality of Godoy Cruz, a district close to the capital of Mendocina. “In 2018, we have a capacity for residual recycling for the people to work in cooperatives, we work in the alphabet, the experience of motorcycle maneuver and everything that implies the exchange. All this has been in sync with the municipality, which has earned a high credit. Sintieron integrates socially and this means an advance in economic and social. When you want to get rid of all the cables in the cars, it should be banned from tracing the blood in the district “, indica Alejandra Garcíawho is right el Sanctuary Equity and the FFW in Argentina. “We have to work in a serious and coordinated way, which is affecting the areas of Social Development, Health, Education, Economy and Environmental Environment. But with our first experience, we have demonstrated that when we want to do it, we can do it; more sensitive to the life of the people and the term el malta del maltrato a los caballos. You don’t want to be integral, but functional, ”said Garcia.

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