La Nación / Arrancó the competence of the home of the crutches in El Chaco

With a prize of caballo with better posture and preparation, the third competition was held in the competition of the winners Sofia and Chajha, which will be released in the area of ​​Expo Rodeo Trébol, in Loma Plata, Chaco.

The caballos participating in this competency of the home son 22, which was opened exclusively to the remake of the front of the Marcha Criolla, realized in honor of this year.

The competition contains distinctive circuits, which in the first day tendrán as the first stage for the home to the test of andares, to the free of charge and mount, to make the figures as the number 8, the vanity and recourse, and the empochado.

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What you claim with your competence is to demonstrate the skills of the cavaliers that are the main protagonists, after 90 days of time that you have a great role to play for entertainers and homeowners.

The competence of the home consta de varias proebas en las que los caballos deben demostrar su soltura y docilidad para el trabajo de campo. Photo: Jorge Romero.

As he explained to the ganaderas, Mauro Villamor, who realized an explicit charity in the initiation of the competence for the participating jines, in the fashion of getting to know each other.

The event will be attended by the President of Grupo Cartes, Horacio Cartes, who will be able to find a place to learn about the competencies and improve the destinations of the Creole, with which he claims to be involved with the Mayor of Chaco.

“This is the first test of the cycle of remake and competence, which is the home, and basically we are trying to demonstrate the good home that you want to work on the work of the caballo,” he said.

Son 22 caballos los que participan de esta competencia de doma y los que la realicen por completo estarán habilitados para la de lazo, que sera mañana. Photo: Carlos Juri.

It is important to be able to realize the potential to realize the goal, realize the passages, trot and gallop, which is the sum that separates the commands from the part of the jinn to pass the second test, which is the case, y que pueda demonstrate que puede levantar las patas, bajar y subirlas sin que se mueva.

Así mismo, en la pista de competencia los equinos deben mostrar también la doma en velocidad, en círculos más grandes y más pequeños, y le sigue la pruéba de sujetada para ver si el caballo al correr se pone sumiso para parar, que es uno de the most important aspects of the game.

The second part of the test corresponded to the work with the ganado, in which the competitor of a vacuum cleaner, sorted by the court, and left to a point of demarcation on the runway and posteriorly to the turn of the rodeo.

The premium horse won the competition for the best training and the most “churro” of the competition for a man, of the Honorable of Chajha name, with the jinete of chaleco number 2, hija de Charque Indio y su abuelo materno es El Escudo Anticucho , and received a premium and a kitchen.

The competencies are interesting premiums, which are from US $ 500 to US $ 4,000. Photo: Gentileza.

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The competition is very interesting and effective. The example of a house in the house is US $ 3,000, the second house is US $ 1,500, the third house is US $ 1,000 and the queue is US $ 500, because of the participants, so many owners as children and children puntos del país, están más que anxiosos, además de ser una activativ de de entretenimiento.

The continuous activity of the man with the competence of the lazo, which tends to take a series of circuits and tests, at 8:00, and a finalized work is realized by the award of the first four cues.


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