La FNEID solicita eliminator urgentemente la obligatoriedad del uso de mascarillas en los gimnasios

La FNEID has decided to reunite in the Congress and in the Community of Madrid to support the urgent need to eliminate the obligation to use masculine durability in the practice of sports. It is advertised that it is a mediocrity to apply to the general level in the approximate seams, to be agile for the practice of sports with the end of the impulse immediately in the midst of the month of March.

The practice of sports is incompatible with the use of mascara for many people, which makes it an essential sector as the one we represent, but there is no need for a pandemic in a moment when the sanitary crisis is over.

This medicine increases with the security of the number of people who practice sports, contributing to the best of health.

Additionally, there are indications that people who are physically active regularly have been in charge of 8 times of possible human rights.

Según la Consejería de Sanidad de Madrid «El final de la fase aguda de la sexta ola y al mismo tiempo de la pandemia ya ha llegado, aunque todavía no tenemos la certeza de una nueva variante u ola»

The counselor of the Sanidad de la Comunidad de Madrid, Enrique Ruiz Escudero, declared that “Hay que empezar de forma paulatina con la realizaçion de pruebas con caracter general y serán los profesionales quienes las prescribirán”. “We propose a use only in sanitary centers and public transport”. Also, the property eliminates the 1.5-meter distance as a precautionary measure in the working centers, leasing the asymptomatic quarantines, “those who want to keep precautions in contact, as well as use mascara.”

On the other hand, the director general of Salud Pública, Elena Andradas, declared that “the final phase of the action of the sexta ola y al mismo time of the pandemic, without having the certainty of a new variant in the ola”. “No sign of the guard, due to the monitoring and follow-up of the epidemiological and assistance indicators. The presentation of the dates will be a day of the week. Vigilando las nuevas variantes y todo de formo precoz para poder revertir el marco estrategico, si fuera necesario ”. “We are working on a new brand that will pass a new phase in which we do not have to focus on the symptomatic problems that are too long for those who are interested in other motives in the hospital. Debemos centrnos en las formas graves y en las persona vulnerables (personas mayores, immunodeprimidos, embarazadas). It can be used to provide a clinical view point and a medical prescription.

The vice-counselor of the Sanitary Assistance and Public Health, Antonio Zapatero, said: “The BA.2 option is 30% of nothing ecological, but it is not a problem. The 14-day IA is 108, we have 783 patients and only one center in the UCI. The council wants to differentiate the patient from covid or covid, to support the major pathology by entering the hospitals. We have 87.2% of the major 5 years with a complete package. The high level of evacuation provoked what happened to the mayor’s office ».

¿Are we going to be in the doorway of the world of normalcy? We hope that we will be able to return to RESPIRAR.

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