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Gozar de salud is more important than having a competency. Actually the excitement of the deportees is made by the number of championships, medals, trophies, announcements, likes and money. Without the embargo, “the mental health of the deportees is taken at risk by the high expectations, through the media exposure and the results of the results” of the account with an article by Victor Ferrand, a periodical on sports issues of Diario Hoy in the Dominican Republic. The assimilation of the OMS, the mandate of Tedros Adhanom, defines the mental health as a state of life in which the person is able to make the front of the normal of life, to work on productive form and to contribute to community. The mental health is important for all human beings, sportsmen or not. Continuation, some deportation that luchan o lucharon against their peer; with propia vida.

Michael Phelps and Naomi Osaka. Phelps was a champion of the nation, and had an outstanding debut, competing in a quarter of the Olympic Games, without embargo, reconsidered in 2014, he decided to commit suicide, and manifest constantly that I do not want to live more. Another sportswoman with this type of problem is Naomi Osaka, a Japanese tennis player, who generates a lot of expectations in the Olympics of the country, but does not remain in the face of international competence in news media exposure. Actually, there is always news, I want to be able to analyze the possibility of retirement.

Simone Biles. The sports deportee is retiring from the final competencies, which will be discussed in the Olympic Games of Tokyo 2020 in the sports gymnasium. Logró participate in the final of the bar obteniendo una medal, pero se quedó muy lejos de las expectativas que había sobre ella. The case of this athlete is inspired by different athletes. For example, periodically El Español tituló hace unos días: “El ejemplo de Simone Biles llega al surf: el tricampeón Gabriel Medina hara un parón por su salud mental ”.

Andrés Iniesta. En el futbol se han registrado varios ejemplos. He brought one of the former Barsa and who conceded the only goal in the final of the World Cup that La Roja, a manifestation of mental health problems. In the middle of the night, when he met the goal of the party in the festival, he made a reference to his great friend Dani Jarque, a man of great tragedy and hopelessness. In the meantime, Iniesta decided against the world of calvary with the objective of showing that part, normally occult, of the life of the deportees ”.

Gianluigi Buffon. El portero italiano, “logro lo que quacquiera footbalista sueña. The Arquero debuted in Parma on the 17th anniversary. Tiene 44 y sigue jugando. He won a World Cup with the Italian national team in 2006 and another national and international title. He is a player with more games in the history of Serie A Italian. Algunos lo llaman Superman. Nice name and money. The excesses and the rhythm of the football repetitive life of the footballer to a great depression when he was 26 years old. Timely and introspectively, Buffon wrote a card on “yo” de 17 años “.

Most of the deportivo deportivo y de estas historias, habá quienes no compartan la frase de: “Lo importante no es ganar, sino competitiveir”, emitida por el Baron Pierre de Coubertin y que dio origen a las competencias olympicas, como hoy las conocemos. Without embargo, the introspection with the alma and the spirits alimentan las deportivas canchas and the most important propia vida.

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