he retired as part of the sports itinerary

Retirement, trauma, crisis, resignation of a stage of logos and of intensified experiences, every retirement is unique, but the process that leads to the cabo of these universal characteristics.

The elite deportee is in charge of his career, he has a talent, he has to have the peace of mind of many other children, and he has a lot of miracles that can be done by haggadoras, as well as by pressure. Miradas fueron las que sobraron en el partido jugado el pasado martes por Juan Martín Del Potro, las fueron de gratitud, reconocimiento, tristeza y hasta enojo, por la posibilidad de no verlo más en una cancha; as spectators, the tambourine also attracts a duel. The emotions are experienced in the flora of the piel, but only we can hear the wonders of our wonderful tennis, the heart beats us to think that we will lose our humility, our experiences to continue before the objects that the plantation of the simple, its generosity , your gestures that most of the deportivo, lo representative of good wood.

Juan Martín Del Potro expressed that he was retiring from the convention of tomaba, but the health of the emperor, supported so much and secured his intention, showed his passion for the union of tennis, where he tried his best, but did not find a place you can see where you can find a song.

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Let’s go

When you compete for a level, 22 titles, 1 Grand Slam, 1 Masters 1000, Bronze in London 2012, Plata en Río 2016, Top 3, Champions Cup, Davis, where the mayor parte de la vida transcurrió ligada al deporte , take the decision to retire and more, when it is not voluntarily, in this case, for a healthy topic, generate an important change, which mobilizes all aspects of life.

We can consider that the city in which the deportees generate a median identity and the role of the sports department determine the intensity of the crisis of identity that tends to affront when it comes to the moment of retirement.

Emotional responses to this situation can be used to conduct activities: self-destructive, psychosomatic disorders, depression, sensation of solidity and despair, as an extreme reaction, thoughts of suicidal preoccupations.

The preparation of a psychologist is a burden of a sports psychologist and the coaching staff, technical staff, health team and heart defects, a fundamental aspect to generate a good adaptation to the new status that is being pursued by the canoe.

Be a professional deportee, implied that the graffiti, and the evaluation of this, relate exclusively to the recognition of the deportee, in a unique role. In this sense, it is associated with retiring with a process of dueling, due to the negation of acceptance, it tends to make a personal work of the psychologist to find alternatives to the new state, with a new project vital and a new identity. .

In this moment and space of the break and reflection in the elegance of possible fireplaces, ligados al deporte o no, se evidencia priorizar la salud mental.

Bring programs of advice for preparation, anticipation of retirement, adaptation to a style of life with new offers and meanings is a difficult and impressive failure to prevent prevention. Hay deportistas que lograron una buena transición a su nueva vida, pero los hay muchos que no contaron con los recursos ni estrategias convenientes para gestionar el cambio.

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That he resports that he does not care how haughty he is or that he is a sportsman to be in the elite, that he is deportivo de alcanza alcanza para probar la valía de una persona como ser humano, es el ejemplo de la admiración y cariño que simper ha conseguido Delpo as the mayor triumphed, where he was an idol, he was not impressed by his heart and love for his public.

Thanks for the elegance of the house, other than your gestures of generosity. Thank you, we also felt that we were all right. The wine that you can live in, with all the sacrifices, the passion for what you want, the strength of the human show, is the symbol of the legend for the generations to come.

Psychologist of the UBA Deporte. Health Coach. Cap de Salud Mental, Act Física y Deporte, APSA .Docente FEMEBAL, CEFA, UNA. JJOO Rio 2016. Buenos Aires 2018. Academista Olympics.

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