Granada and Faisem facilitate sports practice for people with mental health problems

Editorial | February 18, 2022

Francisco Cuenca has visited the usasarios de Faisem en el Núñez Blanca (JAVIER ALGARRA / AYUNTAMIENTO)

The Council of Granada’s Sports Council and the Andalusian Foundation for the Social Integration of Mental Illness (FAISEM) are backed by an agreement that permits the practice of sports to its collective members.

You have to visit one of these sports activities, the Alcalde de Granada, Francisco Cuenca, declaring that “the lens is that people with mental health problems have sports troubles with a fireplace for integration and a habitual experience for work with therapeutic treatments ”. Cuenca affirmed that “there is no chance that we will see the work of FAISEM lasting the celebration of the Copa del Rey de Baloncesto” and that “the practice of deportation is also an important tool for the generation of life-saving lives.

On the part of you, Yolanda Ruiz, responsible for FAISEM in Granada, said that “the sports is an activity that has more acceptance among people with mental health problems. For us, we can save our center and be in a municipal installation that is very positive, because we are equal ”.

Alcalde is available for launch (JAVIER ALGARRA / AYUNTAMIENTO)

La Concejalía de Deportes del Ayuntamiento de Granada, a través del Centro de Medicina Deportiva, mantiene dos aktievidades terapeuticas en las que se insertan personas con mentarmed enfermedades menta que proceden de diversas asociaciones. Special treatment for mothers and special treatment for children.

In addition to these therapeutic activities supervised by the Center of Deportivo Medicina, the Council of Sports offers its collective activities of aquagim, padel i nado liber which is inserted within the adapted deportation program, which is objectively proportional to the activity of sports. capacity differences. These activities are now very popular, which is celebrated in the pavilion of the Complejo Deportivo Núñez Blanca del Zaidín.

The Council of the Departments of the Municipality of Granada at the center of the Center of Medicine Deportiva has the opportunity to relate sports and health and to offer more than 10,000 places of medical activities-sports destinations destined for the cases of children para afrontar distintas patologías. Together with the therapeutic activities, the concept of Sports also includes a role in a sports program adapted to support another option in this crazy case for the sports practice for 800 people with disabilities.

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