Get a virus that affects cavals and those affected by the hippie industry

Scientists from the Laboratory of Virus Equinos of INTA and Professionals of Senasa, agrarians of Herpesvirus Equino 1 (EHV-1) Causative of Herpesvirus Envelope by Herpesvirus (EHM), a pathology that produces economic problems in the national hippie industry dead to the death of animals.

Also known as the rhinoneumonitis equina virus, EHV-1 was detected in PCR technology (Reaction in Cadena de la Polimersa, by English and English), and in the presence of a disease detected by two yeguas with the presence of nervous symptomatology in the locality of Pilar bonaire.

Detail details of the state of the investment organization, the treatment of a virus that she is present from this year in the country.

“It is important to present the presentation of the neurological team associated with the infection with EHV-1 and to confirm the diagnosis of the part of the mission, given that in our country there is no need to find the virus in a neurological animal disease ”, enough Aldana Vissani, investigator and responsible of the laboratory dedicated to the investment and diagnostics specialized in equines.

This form, the goal of the INTA consisted in the diagnosis of sickness in animals that had entered at the Veterinary Hospital of San Isidro with a neurology clinic.

World equine pathology

The EHV-1 is a highly pathogenic pathogen distributed in the polar regions of the world, and is characterized by a left respiratory disease, abortion, perinatal mortality and myeloencephalopathy. One of its characteristics is the state of latency, which can lead to the infection of the air by means of airborne infection.

In the last 10 years, the EHM has considered an emergent emergency in the equines, due to increment in the cases of clinical manifestation in the world ya sus consecuencias sobre la industria equina mundial.

The importance of economic and economic problems that are produced by its direct clinical effects as abortions that can lead to death of an animal.

Fuente: Twitter INTA.
Fuente: Twitter INTA.

Followed by INTA, in a highly productive year in Europe – between February and March of this year – murieron 18 caballos de alta competencia and economically as a consequence of this infection, less than 800 animals “quedaron with neurological unregulated sexes”.

Get a virus that affects cavals and those affected by the hippie industry

The specialists indicated that el symptomatic treatment ya que se busca reducir la inflamación del sistema nervioso centra y, si bien se han llevado adelante muchos estudios con distintos tratamientos antivirales, hasta la fecha it has not been determined “there is no cure that is effective in the resolution of the clinical picture”.

“La vaccination it is the main means of prevention against EHV-1 and should be included in the sanitary plan, which should help eliminate the virus from the environment and reduce the consequences of this disease ”, recalculated.


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