El Campo de Deportes has a track and field for international competitive activities

UNLP is proposing to launch a new hit and plan with a homologated track for the International Amateur Athletics Federation

Ubicado en el corazón del Bosque platense, el Campo de Deportes de la Universidad Nacional de La Plata es un espacio emblematico donde se desarrolla la vida social y deportiva universitaria y de la komunidad en general. From here you can enter the house, the house of studies can be a series of infrastructure works and interventions with the lens to renovate the installations, improve the use of your space and increase the service station.

Now the UNLP is trying to get a new hit and comment on the results to reconstruct the athletics track. In this fashion, the studio house is located with the second runway of the region adapted to the norms and standards of quality for the Amateur International Athletics Federation.

The athletic circuit, located in the sports district of 50 and 117, with a variety of antiques and, well repaired and conditioned in many opportunities, the payable time of the transformation into obsolete, so much for its characteristics constructive.

From the Secretariat of Planning, Services and Services of the UNLP explicitly states that the work and comment and include, fundamentally, “the modification of the silhouette of the pre-existing runway, the effects of which can be approved by the International Amateur Athletic Federation ). It is technically designed on the basis of international norms and specifications, which need to be considered for quality levels for special sports installations ”.

The reforms have transformed the UNLP athletics track into an oval of 400 meters in length, with 6 bars and a radio of 36.50 meters.

‘The runway, also approved by the Federation of Athletics, is official, competitive and can be used by our athletics team, all university sports, pre-school colleges, community and general’ ‘, remarked Javier Orlandoni, director of sports. of the University.

In the words of the senate also that “for the execution of the project it is necessary to demolish the existing constructions that can be used to impose the requirements of the construction of the synthetic runway”.

This transit will be on the street 50 in the Bosque Platense, which will be able to comment on excavations, releases and land movements to conform to the platform for the construction of the areas of competence. In a second stage, the asphalt carpet will be paved with synthetic material to advance this way in the finalization of the project.

Orlando dijo que “as a complement to the construction of the synthetic runway is a contemplation of the entrance of the central entrance of the mism that includes levels of leveling and clogging of natural resources in this area to allow the loss of other activities, active activities. ”.

Great location in March

As indicated, the UNLP Sports Campaign provides an integral plan and modifications that will transform and modernize the area, which is one of the main principles for sports practice and recreation.

On the short beach I will finish the works and parking initiatives, which will include an institutional beach with a large space, which will improve the quality of landscaping and generate communication between the district and the district for the 50th year. chicken and the new administrative building.

An integral transformation

Be able to record that the integral and structural reform of the whole area is being phased out, treating the space in its entirety. All interventions are realized to improve the general infrastructure and increase the stations for all communities. The revaluation is planned only in extremely strict terms, also functional and urban planning.

Between the realizations of the UNLP, you can consider the site in the value of the emblematic building of the Parthenon, the internal installations and new news.

The integral recovery of the Olympic chicken, with more than a thousand years of antiquity, is the poison of the great hits that are alcanzaron to summarize the services provided to all users of the installations.

El Campo de Deportes has a track and field for international competitive activities

The result is also fundamental to the demolition of the old administrative installations of the General Directorate of Sports about the 50th and the posterior construction of the new building in front of the chicken. In the high school there are new gymnasiums, which are equipped with the latest generation of equipment for rehabilitation and training available for the entire community of the university. The flamente property offers a bar, the Museum of the School of Medicine, medical consultants, the area of ​​intention, administrative areas and deposits of machines and supplies for physical activities.

The President of the UNLP, Fernando Tauber, remarked that these sports facilities are destined mainly to provide a high-quality service for students, lecturers and non-teachers of the UNLP, a recreation and leisure activity, without any problems. health prevention ”.

The reform of the UNLP Campus also includes the reparation of the input fee by street 50, which generates a hierarchical access to the area, with a special landscape value. The space that occupies the old administrative building about this artery is transformed into a large plaza with a roof that brings beautiful trees.

The works provided by the UNLP include the recovery and urbanization of all roads, with beautiful beaches and beaches to the recreation area, lighting and parking, with the incorporation of the values ​​of new specialties that can be considered.

El Campo de Deportes has a track and field for international competitive activities

The conditions of the condition of the Sports Camp also include the second stage of the recreational “Aerobic Circuit”. I will treat you to a goal on the athletics track, tennis courts, basketball and handball, a lot of money for students and teachers who can take a walk in the countryside to make a break in the banks and pay for pauses. in full activity laboratory or studio

The recovery of the multideportivo playground, which is based on the Parthenon and which is used all the time, also forms part of the plan. In this space he practiced handball, volleyball, football, physical education classes of the different colleges of the UNLP and other recreational and sports activities. Tambén is illuminated by all the lights.

At the same time, the integral recovery of the football canch 9 complete room 48, complete with natural and air conditioning system was completed.

With a denounced effect, in the midst of a pandemic, the basque of the basque can be remodeled in the light of a lacquered alto transit, in tune with the exigencies of the Basque Federation.

The President of Tauber wrote that “he had a titanic job because of the company he wanted to take from the Missions, to attract three provinces when the front lines were closed, but with decision and compromise, to be lodged.”

As a result, the canvas is complete with an expander with the location of LED lights that optimizes the illumination of this sports space.

Cabe mencionar u ultimo que una rotunda de tranisito de vehicular sobre calle 48 y la illuminatión de ese estacionamiento también formaron parte de las mejoras integrales, al igual que la pintura para delimitar las canchas exteriores de basquet y handball.


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