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It’s not hard to celebrate. These are the benefits for health, so cerebral as physics

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No hay duda de los beneficios que aporta el ejercicio físico a las personas mayores. And every new investment that will be published is a list of the importance of practicing sports in order to improve the invoice of the invoice. The good news is that you will have the life of a sedentary life when you are 70 or 80 years old. Nunca es tarde, nos dicen los científicos.

The researcher of the Department of Pharmacology of the Universidad del País Vasco Alfredo Ramos-Miguel has participated in a studio where the results of the life of the mayor of Levantarse of the sofa and movers are animated. The work, which was published in the prestigious magazine “Alzheimer’s and Dementia”, is the result of the fact that the beneficial effect of physical education is produced about the cognitive abilities and the mental health of the enlightenment. The project launched a research team in Chicago in 1997, which resulted in the completion of 4,000 major volunteers of 65 years of colossal pulseras to register their physical activity and to compromise their succession.

The work should take into account the results of analyzes in the laboratory of essential cerebral areas for cognitive and psychomotric and neuropathological associations associated with the implementation of 400 failures of the group of volunteers. The conclusions are confirmed, for example, by the example of human beings “beneficial benefits of physical education for any person in advance and independently of the state of health”. Detect that the volunteers who carry out regular sports activities “have created new cerebral connections”, said Ramos-Miguel. Significa que el ejercicio estimula el cerebro, incluo a edades advanzadas, y ofrece protección ante el deterioro cognitivo –de hecho, ya se ha associati el sedentarismo a un mayor riesgo de sufrir Alzheimer–. It is more important for us to understand that we have been living a life of sedentary life and to experience the experience we have benefited from as a member of the sports department.


Three of the four days of the week

That’s what you want to celebrate, with 70 years, with 80 or more than 90. «No hay una edad a la que ya no se puede empezar a hacer deporte. El tardío tardío no es perjudicial », anima David Curto, director of Calidad e Innovación del servicio Sanitas Mayores. That’s it, let’s respect a rule: adapt the activity to each person’s abilities. “Si el mayor no ha hecho nunca o hace tempo que no practica ejercicio, debe empezar con actividades de muy baja intensidad e ir aumentando de manera progresiva. Always without pressure and without the maximum intensities “, said Curto. The main barrier suelen ser los achaques de la edad. “It’s the fish that kills the cola. Suelen tener dolores articulares, por arthrosis por ejemplo, y por ese motivo no se mueven. Y si no se mueven van a tener más dolor y sus problemas irán a peor. I want to make an effort. Employ little by little », said the specialist.

It is not possible to realize the complicated routines of exercise, without activities “that the potential of cardiorespiratory capacity and muscular resistance, as a walk to good rhythm, talent, make gymnasium in the pool, dance or practice yoga”, detail Curto. It is more appropriate to combine aerobic exercises, as a walker, with other destiny goals to avoid the period of muscular propia of edad. Y es especialmente importante que los mayores trabajen el equilibrio –con gestos sencillos como andar de puntillas, mantenerse de pie con un solo apoyo o practicando taichí– para evitar las caídas, uno de sus grandes riesgos. The expert in the habit of living with salvation in the third year of the coin in which the exercise facilitated the sanguine river in the cerebrum “and the protection of the front of the dementia”.

The sports routine has a series of three or four weeks of training, with a duration of 20 to 30 minutes of activity. It is close to the major people to use heart rate monitors that control the heart rate.


  • Caminar
    It is one of the best physical activities that can make a person. The risk of lesions is minimal, it increases the density of the axis and favors the cardiovascular health.

  • Taichi
    Los movimientos son suaves y lentos, por lo que resultan adecuados para mayores. Mejora el equilibrio.

  • Andar in the bike
    They have a great front-line salesman: they can have an impact against the court. If you don’t have the habit of saving and going on a bike there is the option of aesthetics. The pedal favors the articulation of the uterus and the cardiovascular system.

  • Natation
    It was the death of the sports star that was. Tonic muscles, increase flexibility, increase pain and inflammation in the joints, strengthen the heart and regulate blood pressure.

  • Yoga and Pilates
    There are activities that favor mobility and flexibility, keep the muscle mass and increase the strength. Mejora la respiration and circulation and correct small postures.

  • Nordic March
    Al usar bastones de apoyo, se reduce el peso que soportan las articulaciones de rodilla, cadera o tobillos y previene caídas.

Adequate activities for the majority


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