Deporte después de la chemiotherapy: ¿Sí o no?

In this article we explain everything that you need to know about the practice of sports through a traumatic process such as chemotherapy.

Deporte después de la chemiotherapy: ¿Sí o no?

Last update: 03 January, 2022

It is natural that a person should be reluctant to support chemistry sessions.. This person is in a state of disrepair against a very serious illness and practicing sports that can be a shock to the body.

In continuity, we analyze and practice sports, which also includes the benefits and risks of practical practice. We also believe, in an affirmative way, that sports are more suitable for chemotherapy.

Deporte después de la chemotherapy

The general response to the decision to be able to carry out sports in these cases is: yes. Revealing studies that chemotherapy has nocturnal effects on health, but their importance in treating cancer cancers is high.

You have passed through chemotherapy sessions, we have to go work to increase muscle mass. Al no haber podido practicar deporte durante el tratamiento, o haber disminuido el nivel de la física física, llega el momento de retornar a la ppractica deportiva / física.

Mediante el ejercicio, no solo recuperaremos fuerza, sino que también aumentará significativamente la kalidad de vida. Assimilation, Bajará el dolor físico que sentiremos, tendremos menos fatiga y evitaremos la aparición de enfermedades associatias.

Chronic pathologies such as cardiovascular problems, diabetes and other diseases can be caused by physical exercise. Included can be those who personify in a cancer sufran insomnio. In these cases there is also the use of sports. To work in the body, this is a major break. And we sleep better, we also remember our quality of life.


Obviously, we have a number of precautionary measures that our body does not have at 100% of its physical capacity. He passed through a very traumatic process and he wanted to consider some aspects of progressive progress in our original physical treatment oncological treatment.

First, we want to speak with our medical trust to confirm that we are in an adequate moment. We can inform you about the elements of our dream, to be sure. Let’s say we have the red globe surpluses, for example. We are very important because of the conflict, we can support the sea and correct the risk of losing the practice of sports.

For the other part, you have to practice supporting them nausea and consult a doctor.

For the last time, the king said that he would be able to do the same start practicing hard work and progressing little by little. So much for the duration of sports as to the intensity of the initial bets to start and support to improve the condition of our physical condition.

What sports practice?

In general, I recommend the hours and media moderation of the week, about 75 minutes of intense exercise, in the case of the adults. However, he has studied the importance of physical activity, including people who are currently receiving chemotherapy. In these cases we also have the best cardiology function.

On the right side of the ejection, a fast walk will take place. A su vez, el ejercicio intenso incluye practicar deportes como el fútbol o running, entre otros.

Además de esto, sera muy positovo realizar ejercicios que trabajen el equilibrio, así como ejercicios aeróbicos y de estiramientos. Al igual que la masa muscular, trabajar el equilibrio es muy importante para volver a disfrutar de una alta calidad de vida.

This is a good guide so much for people who have not received chemotherapy as well as water for those who love it. For another part, we are not realizing a specific experience, we will always be able to walk. And how many more walks, best.

With the head, but with the practice of sports

This is a series of summaries of recommendations for a person who is responsible for receiving chemotherapy.

No solo se puede, si no que sand should practice sports. We believe in everything that sufrido el body, so much with the disease as with the treatment treated. After all this is a suffix, the body needs to be strengthened again.

El deporte es la manera más natural y eficaz de conseguirlo, ya que ayuda de todas las maneras que hemos visto anteriormente. If it is very important for any person, in the case of aquellas people who have passed through something as traumatic as a cancer, it is more than enough.

For the sake of it, you have to have the slightest success to be amazed and for the sake of success, now you have to pass a little more to get the best. Dale a tu cuerpo el trabajo que necesita para fortalecerse de nuevo. Notary as well as the quality of life in a short time.

I support you …

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