Deporte con covid o después de la vacuna: todas las dudas resueltas

From the pandemic event the experts will always recommend following physical activity and practicing sportsya sea en casa cuando estábamos confinados, o cumpliendo con las medidas sanitarias cuando se abrieron de nuevo los gimnasios.

And that’s what el deporte ha sido vital como herramienta para controllar i mejorar la ansiedad y depresíón durante esta larga pandemia del covid-19, tal y como nos explican nuestros expertos de Vitónica. El deporte siempre debe formar parte de una vida saludable, aunque con el coronavirus y las vacunas nos surjan algunas dudas.

Do you want to be deporte or tengo covid?

Evidently, you have symptoms, but it is better that you get rid of them and recover from the illness to make you happy, but you can be positive about coronavirus and asymptomatic seas.

Tal and as explicitly by Raquel Blasco (@RaquelBlascoR), Doctor of Internal Medicine, Professor of the Health Center and expert in the field of sports at our Vitonica companions, “Be asymptomatic, tambourine, be sick”.

“When one is a port (of the virus) he is sick. the effect in our immune system I am not supremely important as a gift for the despair of the sick, but this is not what we are sick of. This means a port and a contagion for the demos. “

Hacer Deporte Despues De La Vacuna

If we are positive, we can only be synthesized, we will be able to live in a confined house and we will not even have gymnasiums or make fun of the houseaunque sea con mascarilla, hasta que volvamos a dar negativno en un test.

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Yes, we can make an effort in a house that has a lot of other aspects, such as “the individual who is infected, asymptomatic, it is possible that these respiratory events can be minimized.” You can make it clear, and explain it to the doctor, but it does not mean that we want to say that the sea is constantly infected.ya que we have no affections.

What can I do in the house and I am asymptomatic

In an asymptomatic patient (something wrong), she is recommend and work aerobicsaunque eso sí, recommended strength of 85% of aerobic capacity and asymptomatic capacity. The doctor’s recommendation is: “work aerobics 3/4 times a week (45 minutes as maximum); work HIIT 1 or 2 times a week, and three times a week that we don’t know who we are looking for”.

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Do you want to go on vacation?

Other of the two communities in the field of coronavirus and sports have been able to practice sports (and when they are) in the vacuum. The first thing we aclaran desde Vitónica es que con la vacuna del covid tenemos que actuar como con cualquier otra vacuna.

Hacer Deporte Con Covid

We record that the most common commons that can be found in the vacuum of the human eye, cansancio y malestar general, dolor de cabeza, febrícula y / o dolor en la zona de punción. If you do, it is normal to avoid the realization of intense physical activity, but one of these things are very beautiful and you have no symptoms, you can realize your joy with normalcy.

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