Denounce that Spain is not targeting the coal industry team of Colombia

Colombian Radicals in Spain are denouncing that they want to vote for the candidate Federico Gutiérrez, from the Coalition Team for Colombia, for distinctive motives but he is still entertaining this target of the Historical Pact.

Follow the declarations of Colombian varios in this country, en los consulados no se les ha dado explicaciones por estos hechos.

Someone who said that the person in charge of the seagull was treated for a mistake and confusions, while those who had the opportunity to stay with him said that the targets had consulted him. He said that he had the correspondents before the Ministry of External Relations, which had the moment not to be announced.

“My great painter is the one who offered me the Historical Pact. I’m fine. Yo no lo pedi ”dice la mujer que hace la denuncia.

In the statements of the opinion that from the very consulate, in the case of Madrid, a function of the explanations of this judgment is that and simply the answer that the consul was found to occupy the districts of Bogotá.

Menciona que no pudo votar por Federico Gutiérrez porque ante la negativa debía irse a trabajar, but you can decide to wait for the deposit to vote for the candidate, but not possible.

Junto a otros Colombianos decidieron peñperar para poder hablar con el cónsul Rodrigo Pinzón y evidenciarle estas irregularidades, pero que a lo largo del día, y luego de varias horas, no fueron escuchados.

I want to know what is known to other children in Valencia from other people who also enter the team of Colombia. The person who has the denunciation of what he does in the Chancellery and what he has to try to support him.

The opinion that he deposited his vote in the opinion of Senator María Fernanda Cabal and that he recorded that a citizen wanted to vote for Miguel Polo Polo, a candidate for the African communities, but who did not intervene.

Other personal analysis that can be felt that many people are the leaders of the Colombian team, I can say that these are the most important things, but it is illogical to talk to Camara and Senado.

Other users think that in these cases the Registry should check the situations of this type and that it is generally calculated with a number of more targets, because it is very probable. “We are always ready to go,” he said.

Piden que tanto desde el consulado como en la Chancelleria se den las correspondientes explicaciones de estos hechos.

Another city in Valencia denounces that in its case it was necessary to deposit its vote on the issue that has a similar problem. As you know, you have 15 people and you want to be lazy, so you have one vote.

Assuming that the Dieron of the Targets of the Senate and the Chamber by the exterior of the Solicitarians, when he heard the advice of the Consultation of the Team of Colombia on the Dieron of the Historical Pact.

Mention that advertises “with energy but with education”, because of the person in the meat of the day that is treated as a mistake and the place of the target. “It’s a curious date to have a client,” she said.

Some people will learn about the meat of the dude that the generation, without thought, that Gustavo Petro has recently received in Spain and is reunited with the companies of Indra, embarking company software with the account of the Registrar for the account.

“The country is the company that was selected by the Registry and the CNE to manage the results of the elections. It is a question that makes me think that you are a manor ”, says the person.

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