Demoustran que el ejercicio físico mejora la salud mental

(17-2-2022). A leading studio at the University of Vic and Coplefc demonstrated the relationship between the practice of regular physical education and the best of mental health in hospitalized patients.

The regular practice of physical education promotes a better mental health in patients with severe mental travers, such as psychic tractors, major depressive tractors and bipolar tractors.

The principal concludes that the program initiated by the University of Vic-Central of Catalonia and the College of Professionals of Physical Activity and the Deporte of Catalonia (Coplefc) will be included in the meeting of the empirical form of a major mental health attributable to the practice of physical education, además de la ya probada mejora de la fitness condition, el habito deportivo y la percepción subjetiva de la salud.

The program

The program is the result of the analysis of the study of scientific records, and the focus of the training is to provide a motivational intervention centered on physical activity, with the objective of determining the incidence of this style of life.

In particular, the study offers to analyze and state what is the effect of the practice of regular physical activity and saludable consideration of three variables: the level of physical activity, the state of animation and the perception of general health.

The analysis is based on the number of patients hospitalized, using the medical instruments of the IPAQ-short course (International Physical Activity Questionnaire, short version), the scale of analogy of the state and the scale of analogy of perception. at the beginning of the final part of the participation (with high hospitalization) and also semantically, for the sake of progression.

The initiation was on October 25, 2021, with a participation of 43 people, which is 51% of the entries, with a distribution of 64-36% of sex between men and women, a media of 39 years old and with a hospital hospital (41 days).

The protocol of work has its own character, with groups of up to 8 people, and contact with participation in the organization of activities, which can be considered as the preferences of physical activity modalities and possible sports. In all the cases, the participating patients are given derivatives of psychiatry as requisition.

For the sessions, you can use the same material as rubber balls, elastic or rubber balls. Realize a work of aerobics, lasting three days of the week, in sessions of 45-60 minutes, fundamentals of cardiorespiratory resistance, muscular strength, balance and coordination.


Between the initial conclusions, you will be able to maintain the high degree of adherence to the program, which means that the abandonment table is situated in 9 people, which is supported by a martial arts, malestar, somnolence, lack of energy and lack of motivation.

Debido a esta adherencia, los participani en el programa han pedido en “numerosas ocasiones” alargar la duración i / o la frecuencia de las sesión, demandando pasar a una frecuencia diaria.

Assimilation, we observed an estimation and an increment of the motivational capacity of the propios participants involved in other patients to incorporate into the sports routine. Además del traslado de los beneficia de la praxica deportiva al plano staff, manifendo querer mantener la actividad física después del alta hospitalaria.

Power tool

The treatment of a number of positive and most popular friends is in the account of Anna Puig, a doctor at the CAFE at the University of Bristol and a lecturer and researcher at the University of Vic. casos y la gravedad de las enfermedades mental ”. Assimism, at least the emphasis on “physical activity to be exploited and socialized”, which is conveyed by “one of the most powerful tools to improve the physical health and state of life of people”.

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