Comer more protein for muscle and other false myths

Una de las claves para tener una buena salud es la combinión de ejercicio físico y alimentación sana y equilibrada, pero a veces nos surgen dudas sobre si lo que hacemos está bien o mal. Asi, a lot of people who want to be able to train in the country, stay away from carbohydrates during the night or get determined by supplements, but why do you have something to do with it?

Experts of the General Council of Nutritionists and Nutritionists respond to some of the most common myths in alimony and sports:

During the night, avoid carbohydrates

The consumption of carbohydrates is essential to be able to realize a deportizing practice like the recovery of misma. It is nutritious in gluten-free form, an impressive energy substrate.

That is, it is preferable to always have the options of cereals and derivatives, as well as prioritize fruits and vegetables. Además, the consumption of carbohydrates as ingestion previa al descanso puede ayudar a que este sea mejor.

Las grasas engordan y hay que evitarlas

No hay alimentos o nutrientes que tengan la propiedad de engordar por sí solos. La clave is located in equilibrio entre el gasto energetic diario y el consumo de alimentos. En el caso de las grasas, debemos saber elegir aquellas de fuentes saludables (aceite de oliva virgen extra, aguacate, frutos secos, semillas, etc.) and evitar los alimentos superfluos (aperitivos, bollería, etc.) ricos en grasas no saludables.

Train in ayunas is good to lose weight

The best strategy to lose weight is to have a progressive and distributed deficit in the long day, while suppressing comedies. Training in the government can be an election for some deportees, but it is a mistake to think that we can lose more money.

If you want to have muscle, you have to eat a lot of protein

There is no evidence that the association of excessive protein consumption with a major increase in muscle mass. The form of the most effective effect on muscle mass is adjusting to correct training, about all the fuss, and a good diet plan, which is added to the supply of energy and nutrients, between the proteins.

If you want to be able to eat what you want

There are more realities. Who realizes that he has a high calorie taste that he loves to live in a sedentary life, but he is not excited to come and excel in even better alimentos superfluos than the ultra-processed ones. Debemos centrar nuestros esfuerzos en mejorar la calidad de los alimentos que tomamosespecially if we look for good results in sports.

The kids for sports are better than water

But there is nothing better than water to rehydrate. No obstante, in situations of major durability and intensity of training / competition and / or in a climate of greater intensity, you can incorporate some kind of deportion que permita mantener los niveles de glucosa al mismo tiempo que repone los electrolytes perdidos a través del sudor o cuyas necesidades se vean aumentadas por la la praxica del ejercicio.

The sports supplements are impressive

Deportivo deportivos forman parte de las ergogénicas, es decir, ayudas para mejorar el rendimiento físico, pero en ningún caso son imprescindibles. It is fundamental to use these products responsibly. Convenient consultant with a nutritionist-nutritionist specializing in sports nutrition to elaborate on an alimony plan that covers the individual cases of each individual, in a case of supplementation, we have as much option as our best option.

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