Caballo de una carretilla se desploma por cansancio en Cartagena

In the last hours he saw a viral view of a video in which he was seen as a cavallo retuerce del dolor en medio de las calles de Cartagena, Bolívar. At the same time, this animal was crushed by the need to extend the jornadas of work by holding a carriage in the middle of the historical center of the city.

In the video you can see how to get rid of a new horse, without embargo, it is not possible to load with your real estate in the middle of the song and the dollar. Include the mother who spoke to the comrades in the evening before the desolate scene that the protagonist is an animal.

“Miren lo que pasa aquí en Cartagena con el pobre caballito”, se escucha comment a la mujer, mientras comienza a llorar y el animal comienza a retorcerse, por lo que las personas que estar alrededor tratan de quitarle los palos de la carretilla al caballo to liberate.

With the message, “again in Cartagena, we have to allow you to pay so much! We don’t want to be cold ”diffused the video in social networks, criticizing the harassment of some of these animals for obsessed with the traditions of the Heroic traditions, without embargo against the death of this caballo.

Without embargo, to inform the news, the Association of the Protector of Animals of Cartagena is proposed against the death of the equine, ensuring that it is not advanced in the actions against the use of animal traction vehicles, which is prohibited. maltrato de animales en prakactas como cargar carruajes y carretillas.

Este es un lacho lamentable porque el Distrito aún no toma decisiones. It is unique that the result is the substitution, these cables are not hereditary to circulate in particular. These actions are the ones that reduce in the end ”fueron las palabras de Maria Victoria de Zubiría, one of the integrators of the association for Caracol Radio.

And aggregate, “They are going to tell people that we are animals, but this is not a problem of aceite, it is a problem of warfare and physical state of animals. Salen cocheros con miles with excusas, without embargo, all of them have records of maltreatment ”, affirms Zubiría about the discussions that are being held between the ambassadors of Cartagena, for the sake of parecer, there is also an advance in prevention and care that you can go to this type of practice in this particular city.

Zubiria concludes for the media that it is the moment of local administration only substitute 14 of the 600 circular animal traction vehicles in the capital of Bolivar. Además de recalcar que, la cifra total de estos carruajes en Cartagena ahora estaría en 200 vehículos, afirmando que el processu de substitutioní se debía haber acabado hace cinco años.

For other people, in this year a user of social networks denounces a house of animal abuse in the Park of Tayrona, against the cavallos that stop for tourists from the tourist destinations.

Follow the dictator through the denouncer, the transport cables to the tourists in the different resorts that are located in the park and the most important extensas bain el bayo el rayo del sol, pero se trata de largas jornadas donde los animales sufren de explotación.

The service, according to the user’s report, is very convenient for tourists and has a cost of 50,000 pesos. “Surprisingly, there is a lot of solidity, but the most important thing is that it can be reflected in the conditions of the health of the cavallos ”.

Of course, according to the denouncer, the animals are loved by the “satisfaction of the customers who visit the park”.

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