Boca Juniors presented a new shirt that will be dominated by students from La Plata Students

Presentation of the new Boca Juniors suit

Inspired by House Amarillathe 30th anniversary of the creation of the historical region that he hosted the pension of the juveniles of the club, where he trained and played for the local football teams, and also used the professional football professionally, Boca Juniors presented his third coat. La misma sera estrenada por el equipo masculino profesional el proximo domingo 13 de marzo, en el encuentro ante Students of La Plata in the stadium One (sexta jornada de la Copa de la Liga).

The new whale xeneize we will remember the classic alternatives of the club club in the decade of the 80’s. In the front, it looks like a beam with la palabra Boca applied with the typographic message that possesses the cartel of access to the mentioned area.

Además, la marca de las tres tiras incluyó un sign off in the upper part of the spade with the legend “Casa Amarilla”. Assimilation, the dorsales of this new launch evocan the classic numbers of the decades of the 80’s and 90’s.

Bajo la campaña Del Barrio al Mundo, el shooting realized in Casa Amarilla with representatives of the masculine and feminine plants of the club: Amancay Urbani, Julieta Cruz, Andrea Ojeda, Eduardo Salvio, Juan Ramírez and Exequiel Zeballos.

La tercera camiseta de Boca Juniors is offline Bitega Xeneize y Bocashop. From the 15th of March, it is available in the totality of the sales channels and the business principles of all countries. The prices oscillate between them $ 9,999 (the official of women) and the $ 17,499 (the official man of man). En tanto que la que no es tela de juego figura a $ 10,999.

The conjunction of Sebastián Battaglia medira with el Pincha in search of the last goal of the local tour in Huracán (0-1 in Bombonera). This is a transcendent compromise for motives: the Ribera will be interested in being in the classification zone for the Final Cup of the League Cup, which will be out of control due to the ultimate end of the week of competence, and because the Superclavian preview that will be celebrated on March 20 at the Monumental.



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