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In virtue of a draft plan to control the growing population of animals of the natives, Australia has made a plan to sacrifice more than 10,000 asylum-bearing cavalry, maintaining a minor province in the National Park of Kosciuszko, in the New Gales del Sur.

No, there is a preoccupied group of scientists who know that it is not possible to produce in a sensitive Australian park, changing the specialties and habitats of extinction.

An aerial studio realized in 2019, which is located in the Australian Alps National Parks, estimates that in Australia there are more than 25,000 salvages and asylum seekers. The mayor’s office, also known as Brumbies, lives in the Alpine region of Australia, located at the intersection of three states: Nueva Gales del Sur, Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory.

On the other hand, the National Park of Kosciuszko hosted 14,380 salvage cavalry, who causally generalized in the ecosystem of this region; The great herbivores are an invading species in Australia that reproduces quickly and, with its pezunas, pisotean delicada vegetation.

Según explicó a Nature David Watson, ecologist at the University of Charles Sturt in Australia, is part of the problem with the delicacy of vegetation, which is a lot of its endemic and well-known species, located only in the northern Alpine region of Australia, which covers only 1% of the continent.

“Listen to science”

It is the reason that it is important, and it is important to have a new plan, but the new plan is not enough. Los 3.000 caballos que quedarían el el parque, según el borrador del plan publikado el mes pasado y elaborado por el Servicio de Parques Naciionales y Vida Silvestre de Nueva Gales del Sur the spells in extinction of the extinction like the fornications of the galaxy fishes, the alpine pine trees, the rivers of the river Riek and the rats of the anchovies, among the many autochthonous specimens.

El Parque Kosciuszko “will not be able to recover from the sequel, the incendiaries of forest extensions and the sobrepastoreo si, with the current proposal, permanently 3,000 asylum seekers”, according to the map, written in the name of the Australian Academy of C.

The authorities have the right to “listen to the science, the ultimate testimonials and recommendations about the best way to protect the important park that is the cause of aspiring cavalry,” said John Shine, president of the Australian Academy of Sciences.

“Hacer lo contrario mostraría un desprecio por los ecosistemas y especies autotoctonas australianas amenazadas que se enfrentan a una extinción inminente y que estano bajo la amenaza de los caballos asilvestrados”, dijo John Shine.

Dispatches, orders and rebates

The borrower of the plan recommends reducing the area of ​​salvation from the park of 14,000 to 3,000 in the middle of a combination of disparities in the field, as well as reductions and rebates.

The sacrifice of the property contrasts with the prohibition of the methods of control of aircraft in the United States, where the great dangers of salvation of cavallos, conocidos like mustangs, también causan problems, según informa Nature.

The Australian officials affirm that the plan will save the time zone that preserves the cultural value of the Brumbies, a concept of controversy introduced by a influential state in 2018, local media, for “community groups to promote the lord’s patriotism” . “

The concept is considered controversial because of the identification of the most important cultural monuments in the park, but also to be able to introduce it in the area of ​​the European colonies.

By the way, in the open heart, the serial scientists have a new studio, published on September 17 in the magazine Biological Conservation, 71% of Australian animals are accustomed to being able to sacrifice animals to protect speculations in extinction.

Edited by Felipe Espinosa Wang.


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