Abierto de Palermo: por primera vez habrá controlo antidopaje a los caballos, en la final La Dolfina vs. La Natividad

Uno de los momentom más tristes de este Argentine Open Championship de polo see you on Saturday, after the party between Ellerstina and La Ensenada, when you left with what you were playing Juan Britos on a fracture and a total share of fortune and deviation to be retired in the equine clinic. Mimbrenia, the example in custody, is recovered in the establishment of Pilar. El bienestar de los caballos es una de las prioridades en este deporte y por ello la Polo Association Argentina (AAP) dio un paso más al incorporate animal health controlsque Serán applied for the first time in the final of this Saturday, La Dolfina vs. La Natividad.

It treats the initial point of a process that seeks to perfect and perfect in the years of veneration, and that has a main objective go for the health of the equinesamen de evitar toda ventaja deportiva that pudieran sacar los jugadores a partir de sustancias que potencian el rendimiento de los caballos pero que a la vez pueden resultar nocivas.

Adolfo Cambiaso, de La Dolfina, Camilo Castagnola, de La Natividad, seran protagonistas de la final de este sabado, como también todos sus montados.Daniel Jayo – Getty Images South America

“We are always talking about anti-doping control to contribute to animal welfare. In the polo the most important thing is the cable. It’s something that the world is doing, ”he said Ignacio Heguyintegrated with the subcommission of Alto Handicap de la AAP and ex polista de Indios Chapaleufú II.

The Sabbath, a cabalo de cada uno de los equipos finalistas se le realizará un control antidopaje. The intention is that in the years of subsistence the practice is to have more montages and tambourines in other handicap tournaments. The process is applied in Inglaterra, and in Argentina it is installed where it has years in the field of tourism. From time to time there is an angel of the AAP and the la Association of Argentines of Cobadores de Caballos de Polo (AACCP).

“We lie with the same time. We need to think about the instrument that is the best, but we think that it would be better to comment on how many years and questions and end the part of this experience “, explains Nachi Heguy. “The regulation is not perfect yet, but we are making it perfect with the weather. Surely you know the horrors, but the idea is to embrace a relationship and develop and progress. I would like to discuss and discuss what can be done better, always thinking in the same way as a priority. The intention is that within three years 100% function”.The decision was made in accordance with the rules and veterinarians of the teams, the AAP and the AACCP. Someone who was born in the middle of the medica, about everything because of the cavallos that can be treated as a medical doctor by someone else, dolencia previa, but Heguy said that all the contemporaries would be happy.

Ignacio Heguy, between his friends Antonio and Cruz;  el ex delantero de Indios Chapaleufú II trabaja ahora en la subcomisión de Alto Handicap de la Asociación Argentina de Polo y propicia los controles antidopaje a los animales.
Ignacio Heguy, between his friends Antonio and Cruz; el ex delantero de Indios Chapaleufú II trabaja ahora en la subcomisión de Alto Handicap de la Asociación Argentina de Polo y propicia los controles antidopaje a los animales.Roque Repetto

To determine what substances are considered, the AAP can be used as a reference to the lists of the International Federation of Journalists on the Internet and its relevant updates. However, there are also exceptions in the contemplation of the anterior, such as anti-inflammatory drugs, diuretics and specific antibiotics in the regulation and which should be in accordance with the corresponding correspondence in each case.

Accruing to the norm, the mechanism for employment is the most important: the most recognizable part of the game and the preferences of the party and preferences of the country, while also contemplating the possibility of extravagance, in a maximum of two hours. The presentation of equino al control is considered considerable. The private laboratory designed by AAP has 15 days of maximum use to present the results. In the case of a positive result, the infractor tends to be tested. Detect the diagnosis, be susceptible to one sanction in the sound of a horse in a quest, which consists in no power to use in the competencies organized by the AAP for a term of 12 months ago. The players and trainers will also be able to pay for the sports sale.

A veterinary exam on a cable;  Mr. Nachi Heguy,
A veterinary exam on a cable; Según Nachi Heguy, “some people are more careful than their human beings.”THE NATION / Fabian Marelli

In the collective memory of the Pole World, it was opened on April 19, 2009 in Palm Beach, when the 21 caballos of the team Lechuza Caracas murieron died in a match. The causes are not directly related to the application of a drug with a disproportionate dose, but the anecdote is to refer to a peacock who can enter a small number of essential substances in high-level equations. All the need for instrument control.

“It’s something to change with time,” said Nachi Heguy. “Antes no se le tenia tanto cuidado al animal. For a player, the most important thing is the cable. Someone who cares more about the human beings. And I hope you want to change your mind ”.

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