A villain who works in the elite of Polish polo

The Chinese historian Nicolás Alvarez assisted in the presentation of the team of Polo Murus Sanctus, which has a place in the country, in the embassy of France, the country of origin of Corinne Ricard, the multimillion-dollar duo.

“Ricard is an enthusiastic polo player, además, el cordobés Facundo Sola juega para ella en el exterior. Es su patrona, como se los llama en el mundo de ese deporte a quienes se dan el lujo de pagarles a los mejores polistas del mundo para jugar con y para ellos. And it is due to one of the fortunes of his parents that his father-in-law, Patrick Ricard, who, in his opinion, met with the CEO of Pernod Ricard, the company that has his wife, Paul Ricard – we mean a decision to build an autodrome that takes place at the Grand Prix of France in Formula 1, impulses a giant of alcoholic beverages that invoices 9 million euros annually and has 20 million employees in the whole world, said Clarín.

Nicolás Alvarez assisted professionally in Facundo Sola, one of the top players of Murus Sanctus, who is in the league and can play the Tortugas tour.

Murus Sanctus has a team of destinations in La Dolfina, with Juan Martin Nero, Pablo Mac Donough, Facundo Sola, and Guillermo “Sapo” Caset. Pero se alejó Francisco Elizalde.

“Juan Martin Nero and Pablo Mac Donough are very tired and want to play with young people. They are also many years old in La Dolfina with Adolfo Cambiasso, which is now located in Francisco Elizalde, 2 of the best. Cambiasso hace lucir a todo jugador que pasa a estar con él. In this case, our team is not completely complicated, and the topics that you have with the cables that do not have the power to solve and influence “, analyzed Alvarez the present of the team.

Nicolás Álvarez is the kinesiologist of the team of Alfredo Cappella in Dubai, in an experience without equal to what he said about this sport. “You are another planet. Todo lo que uno puede pensar, lo tiene », le dijo en su momento a Actualidad, al tanto que no descarta una nueva temporada en el capital de los Emiratos Árabes Unidos.

In the wake of Facundo Sola’s recovery, he was optimistic: “We are working with a group of doctors who assist us. Ya está taqueando y se siente muy cómodo, pero hay que seguir mejorando, porque no es lo mismo en un partido. We want to be able to get to the point ».

Argentina, potency between the potentials of the World Cup. Cuna de campeones. There is a villeguense between them.

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