A villager of Villa San Carlos denounces that the opera clavícula rota is 6 months old

“Six months left without a hitch. Six months of waiting for an operation. You are being discriminated against by being a woman, by being a natural victim of life. He has been teaching me the key to the keyboard, in a TV show, in an official AFA game. Y aún no fui operada“, contó Ana Clara Gonzálezjugadora del club Villa San Carlos de Berisso.

On Instagram account of the player-professional, but not professional, he said, but the contract – that 15 days after the lesson, he advised an operation, but only one day before the intervention of the intervener who was embarrassed and the procedure was canceled. . “Seeing the abortion is legal, he continues to support my sports career as a footballer; the operation was carried out with the gynecological force and he had an abortion that was effective,” he said. However, the time and intervention is not guaranteed by the authorities, but it can be in condition of intervention.

“I don’t care what the conductors of AFA and the clubs do, but I have to consider the type of success. I am a football player, I will play in Buenos Aires (Bariloche) to play three years ago, I will never give up, I will be able to train and consider what the game is, we will save the day for the day to play the discipline, but we have recurring. I’m a contracted football player. Listen to this! Arranquen los motores … no crean que no vemos los avances, 8 o 12 kontratadas es una buena initiation pero no crean que nos vamos a conformar con decisiones a medias. We want everything, we want a total and complete professionalism “, insisted the player, reclaiming the advertisement more than the footballers.

“Let’s take action here, take a tour of my life and my house, I will wait for the awards, the AFA and my club will consider the health of the health. The health of the health, but we will be able to enjoy the professionalism, and we will not be allowed algo, quedamos desamparadas “señaló González.

The footballer is still adamant that he is in a situation where he is informing himself about the fact that he is “abandoning a person with an abortion and a legion with a bad job”. “Me morí de humbre por que nadie fue capaz de darse cuenta que no iba a trabajar y no podía cobrar mi sueldo. it is a notice that you are not communicating between us.

Decades of local and national players comment and share in the publication of the football player of Villa San Carlos, which has a paradigmatic approach to the point that the point of sexism and discrimination manifests itself in the feminine football: body to follow the game. At the moment, AFA did not show respect.


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