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You can be one of the professionals related to sports, but they are very important. A talented champion without the mentality of a series of good athletes. It sums up the work of sports psychologists.

En los buenos y malos momentos, en victorias y derrotas, ahí están para guiar camino al éxito o sacar de un mal bache. Entre esas dos no tan distantes aceras se ha movido la labor de Marilín Cabañas Alonso en los ultimos años.

He started in the intriguing labyrinths of the human man and he had a good time. Entrances to the Ministry of the Interior. Luego paso a Salud Pública y, hace cinco años, llegó al Centro de Medicina Deportiva de Artemisa, poco después ganó la responsabilidad de dedicarse a los Cazadores en las dos ultimas Series Nacionales.

“I am always interested in the world of sports. That would be my family’s life. For this, when you have the opportunity to do nothing but a second ”, he said with an allegory. “Everything is described as a new professional university, which can lead to clinical psychology in the clinic.”

Pens Qué pensó cuando le confiaron trabajar con los Cazadores?
“I have a good time, especially because of the categories of football: I know the media, and the players are in my shoes; it is important to save my comfort zone and understand an important professional problem.

“My period of adaptation is short. The direction of the team is in great shape, and the boys accept me very quickly; we want to establish the connection of the need for good work. Without embargo, the Serie 60 will have a good fight, because of the few results of the team, about everything that started the game; to have an ardua tarea lograr una mejoría en el final de la campaña ”.

¿How to “convert” – from psychology – to a team in a dynamic dynamics, a winner?
“With a lot of work and the compromise of the players. This assimilation team is very good in psychology. He appreciates the few moments of experience; include us as motivation to compete.

“Includes self-confusion with the result of the key, but also the motives that motivate with the test of psycho-pedagogues and students of cohesion leaders in the group. Muchos hap aprendido a liberar la frustración de una mala jugada o un ponche, y evitar que los affeci en su siguiente turno al bate.

“Everything is influential, it is the implication of the players. We have a group of wonderful athletes preoccupied with their health and their friends. We have the confidence to believe that we can find any situation that affects us. Include this year with more motives, debit to the intentions of the part of the authorities of the province.

Sin Qué sintió al verse la unica mujer entre majs de 50 hombres?
“It simply came to our notice then. Pero, tanto el colektiv de dirección como los muchachos, me acogieron de la mejor manera; good empathy from the beginning.

“The only thing that bothers me is the principle of the language: it is common that in the middle of the sea you will be aggressive; without embargo, decide to accommodate them for avoidable situations. Aun así, cada vez que se expresan de ese modo y estoy cerca, me piden disculpas.

“Always I know that I believe like a mother or an friend, but I don’t like them; quizá por eso simper me han respetado mucho, y con el tempo han mejorado en ese aspecto. Me dan la mano al bajar la guagua, se preocupan por mi, por mis hijos, mis nietos dent y dentro del cuerpo de dirección tengo plego plena participation, como cualquiera de los otros emrenadores ”.

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