A title of title, in the program of the Point of Vista of Navarre, which is celebrated on March 14

The next edition of the Punto de Vista Festival is celebrated in Pamplona on March 14 and 19. In total more than 60 activities are organized and projections at the Festival venue, the program is organized in 7 big sections: Official section, Retrospectives, Focos, Lan, Contacts, X Films and Educational Program.

Designer of 100 games in different sections and more than 20 nationalities is projected The gift of the Punto de Vista dates back to the fields of provenance of countries such as Japan, France, United States, Spain, Afghanistan, Italy, Argentina, Bosnia, China, Ireland, the Philippines and Cameroon, among others.

'Los caballos mueren al amanecer'
‘Los caballos mueren al amanecer’

The games that conform to the Official Section have been conducted by many women and men. Entre las mismas están los estrenos mundiales de ‘Los caballos mueren al amanecer’ de Ione Atenea y ‘Evangelio mayor’ de Javier Codesal. You are also interested in the activities of Punto de Vista 2022: Baluarte, Cines Golem, Museo Oteiza, Filmoteca de Navarra, Civivox Condestable and Katakrak.

The great retrospectives of this edition of Girarán en torno los initiations del cine documentary moroquí, por un lado, ya lo ríos como elementos sotsiales i naturales presentes a lo largo de la historia del cine, por otro. In addition to projections, presentations and colloquialisms, we receive numbered invitations related to these topics and organize debate activities, including meetings, conferences and talks. This is the ultimate dimension, the reflection of which is a rasgo propio del cine documentary, is fundamental in the two new sections: Lan (‘work’, in euskera), with activities centered on the processes of creation and production; and Contacts, which in the open air in the last four editions of the festival, persevere in the opening of the cinema to other disciplines of creation and knowledge.

Además, dos decacadas cineastas contemporaneas visitaranán i presentarán sus películas en el festival: Sofia Bohdanowicz, que junto a Payal Kapadia protagoniza el foco Ficciones de archivo, programado por nuestra compañera Lucía Salas. And Manuela Serra, author of the Portuguese film legend ‘O Movimento das Coisas’ (1985), which was designed in the copy of the restaurant recently restored by Cinemateca Portuguesa.

Presentation at the 2022 Vista Point

Navarra tendrá est año una representación muy relevante dentro de la programación del Festival, reflejo de la buena salud de la que goza su industria audiovisual. The inauguration of the Point of Vista contracts with the world stage of the new largometraje de la cineasta navarra Ione Atenea: ‘Los caballos mueren al amanecer’. By the way, Arantza Santesteban will be present at the Official Section ‘918 GAU’, winner of the Major Film Festival at the Lisbon and Turin festivals.

'918 GAU'
‘918 GAU’

Also available at the World Cup ‘San Simón 62’, the best player in the last edition of the X-Films project in Navarre at the beginning of this year in Irati Gorostidi and Mirari Etxabarri. Tambén los rios of the foral community will be present in the retrospective Encuentro en el río, a property of the filmmaker and programmer Miriam Martín. On the 18th of March, at 11:00, a fluent walk was organized approximately to the hours of the El Arga enchanted, which is part of the bridge of Santa Engracia and which can be added to the free form, without the inscription and assistance of the festival.

For the last time, the representation of Navarre in Lan, integrates between the properties of the two sessions of Paisaia and the center of Zinema Zubiak, is the last of the hand of the producers of Navarros associated in NAPAR, with the point of Vista to work in years

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