A client ms previsor in the Christmas and Reyes Campaign

Christmas and Reyes campaign in games

Redaccin – JUGUETES b2b10/03/2022

La Campaa de Navidad y Reyes es el commercial period ms importante para el sector juguetero, representando entre el 60% -65% de las ventas totales del ao.

The Christmas carols are concentrated in November and in the last weeks of the Christmas and Reyes Campaign.

Hbitos de compra

In the Campaa city, in November, it will be better than in December, which traditionally is the best place in the world, even if it is the best time to return to the finals of Campaa. In this manner, we observe a client ms previsor in his comprises (november in algo ms de dos puntos), pero las ltimas semanas del ao mantuvieron su podero. The 51st and 2nd groups represented in 2020 accounted for 28.8% of the total, and in 2021 accounted for 29.5%. For Cristina Sanchez, marketing manager of Diset, La Campaa de Navidad y Reyes es un porcentaje muy elevado de las ventas totales del ao. We can see that the consumer’s partner has always been a presenter, with one of the major veterans in November, who in December decided to stay a little, even the most important sessions are important. Por su parte, Olga Comes, marketing manager Iberia de IMC Toys, opina que debido a las nocias alaristas, se avanzaron bastante las compras, pero tambin se hizo un repunte final de ventas que compens bastante las prdidas de las semanas de diciembre, resultando el final balance of the positive for the economy of the sector, which is accounted for by 5%. Mentras que Julio Rubini, executive director of Toy Partner, resalta que pareca que el consumerid adelantaba mucho las compras con los crecimientos importantes de noviembre, pero tras la semana de Reyes queda claro que de nuevo la compra se ha concentrado muy al final. And Jacobo Cortizas, CEO of Dmare Toys, concludes that as a positive factor, we can see that we will be able to report on the problem of transport, many customers will be able to buy and be able to spend a good month in November.

Al define the consumer needs, the professional values ​​that we are an consumer expert who will understand what he wants and that he is informed. Impulsive purchases have lost relevance and are looking for a quality product with a medium price.

For the other part, to determine the professional skills of the leaders, the factors relevant to the decisions on the purchase of games and games during the Christmas and Reyes Campaign, detailing the relevant aspects (orders issued by the mayor): Precio, Marca, Calidad License, Promotion Offer, Media Advertising, Social and Influential Promotions, Vendor Recommendations, Valoracin of Other Consumer Products and Product Entry Options.

Product categories

The confinement revalued the image of the value of the game and the game and provoked that it hinted at an increase in the demand for meat games, sets of constructions, puzzles and manuals, all the items to be entertained in the house and play the family. There is a tendency to stay in the Christmas and Reyes Campaign, where we can see an increment of sales in all the product categories. Adems, the tendency for eco-friendly games to ensure alsace and increase their respect for others. For Krlos Mengual, commercial director of Juguetes Cayro, los juegos de mesa se ha comportado bastante bien hasta la Campaa. In this period, it seems that the winds do not have proportionality to the next one. Parece ser que algunas licencias han ido bien, as como los electrnicos. On your part, Marco Antonio Juan, administrator of the Muecas Antonio Juan, resalta que en cuanto a la eleccin de juguetes, la apuesta por la compra de juguetes de toda la vida sigue estando ah. These are the ones who allow us to play free and that we love the imagination, as we can do with girls, bicycles, educational games, etc .. with formats ms reducidos y pensados ​​para jugar dentro del hogar han tenido mayor demanda, ya que, debido a la situacin epidemiolgica y las cuarentenas derivadas de ella, el juego en casa sigue siendo predominante, mxime en esta poca del ao. Categories such as music, meat games, constructions or games of imitation of hogs can have the best results. The fact that Julio Rubini, the executive director of Toy Partner, said that there was a visible tendency in the care of the man and the spirit. Temas como el mindfulness, la prctica del yoga, etc., son una tendencia cada vez ms presente en las escuelas y entre los padres con hijos. Y, por supuesto, el empoderamiento de la mujer, as como la cada vez mayor capacidad de inclusin, en general. Algo que los jvenes comprenden y comparten y que, sin duda, los ms pequeos vivirn de primera mano como algo algo natural. We are looking for a better world and some better people. Y, cmo no, estas tendencias estn ya en el juguete y lo estarn an ms.

Through the distribution, Andrs Galn, Governor of Jugatoys, manifests that he continues to work very well in the categories of meat games, puzzles, educational games, debuting the positive inertia of being in a house and playing with family. Segn Joaqun M. Polo, general director of Juguettos, has always had a great deal of acceptance and represents a very important part of the game. In the past Campaa, adems, ha sido un tipo de producto que se ha visto en menor medida affected by the eventual restrictions of stock. Y Rafael Medina, operations manager of Teal Reatil Spain-Poly Juguetes / The Entertainer, opina que los juegos de mesa siguen creciendo, y tambin las figuras de accin, collecionables y preescolar. Supongo que el germen de la pandemia en su etapa ms dura ha tenido mucho que ver con la importancia del joego en casa, dejando a la categora de juegos de mesa en una muy buena posicin.

The e-commerce paper

E-commerce has benefited from the evolution of the pandemic, and many consumers spend their time shopping online and have continued with this process to avoid agglomerations and contacts. En 2020 fue el gran protagonista de la Campaa de Navidad y Reyes aumentando su peso de manera significativa. Aun as, en 2021 las ventas online, aunque siguen en la senda positiva, han moderado su crecimiento, ya que las tendis fsicas han estado abiertas con normalidad y el consumidor ha vuelto a acudir al punto fsico.

The juvenile sector has also evolved in a sense and is a major player in the distribution of juveniles, the difference between the anterior, the prepared and the e-commerce space is adequate for responding to the needs and interests of its customers. The augmento del nivel de informacion que advertima el consumer, la flexibilidad en los envos o el ahorro de timpo seguirn siendo recezivs en el crecimiento de las ventas online. The customer is looking for experiences, know the product, but also the comfort. Adems, on the Internet you can find just about any product, but the opposite is that in the shops you have to reduce the price of each month. The tendency to change, to increase the preference for comfort, to mediate and to accept the realities of other compradors. Previsin es que la venta online siga en crecimiento, pero coexistiendo con la tienda fsica. For Joaqun Solleone, commercial director of Scale Competition Xtreme, the e-commerce is on the rise, it is also difficult to find the numbers from 2020, and the percentage of online sales is very high. Por su parte, Antonio Nistal, key account manager of Vtech Electronics, details that the list of estates is still in place when one of us is obliged to buy online. Al igual que tuvo un incremento espectacular, ahora se le presentan las mismas barreras y retos que a la tienda fsica. To create here to evolve and present new options and actions to buy lenses. Mentras que Jose Guerrero, director of operations of the Eleven Force, explained that respect for 2020, we are notoriously descending online, but without a dude it is a phenomenon of alsa, and we compare with the pre-pandemic. And Jacobo Cortizas, CEO of Dmare Toys, affirms that e-commerce is evolving in an impressive manner. The online channel is open for decision to save a Christmas Campaign and includes me to find out what can be done for the supervision of the details.

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