1900 grises is exhibited in the gallery of the Angela Peralta Theater

Embarked on the apoio del Centro Cultura Bauprés, the Spanish artist and curator Gabriel Miranda inaugurated on Friday 11 March at 19:00, in the gallery of the Angela Peralta Theater with an exhibition, 1900 grises, a beautiful work in which to show of the culture of the natal country, in particular between the 19th and 20th centuries. , the artist compares the details of his exhibition.

The exhibition

1900 grises es un trabajo que consta de 10 piezas. The technique is acrylic on the body. This is a great place to work with a walk of 5 meters with 78 centimeters long distance of 2 meters.

“The exhibition is based on the 19th and 20th century, and it was the time when the country was playing for many different times, according to the Spanish Civil War and before the Second World War. The work is from photos taken from the archives of the Rhine of Galicia, photos of beautiful, hospitable, living and other collection items. Some pictures are full of photos and other pictures of him. In the works of the artist in Galicia, which is very rural, sandy and artisan, and I love it, show the atmosphere of this epic ”, the artist said.

Of the 10 paints that integrate this exhibition, the artist relates that he is a type of pottery of the gallega culture, because you can see a few provinces that are integrated into Galicia, each with its own identity. In the plasma of the cottages that can be realized in public, waiting for the queue, officers who are a bit of a scumbag, like a swindler, and popular characters. treats a costume of the arraigada of Galicia, llamada Rapa das bestas de Sabucedo, que data desde el siglo 18 y consiste en un festival en el que se recogen a todos los caballos salvajes de la zona para llevarlos a un ruedo donde las personas saltan encima to cut the hair, to lose weight.

Pretending to create a cultural point between Spain and Mazatlán

One of the final exhibitions on display at the Angela Peralta Theater Gallery, April 23, the artist, which has realized exhibitions in a collective collection in Spain and private enclosures, cultural, iconography and religious restoration , llevará tres de sus piezas para exhibirlas en otras galerías y posteriormente en la UAS, en Culiacán. You can also search for other exhibits in other cities, between Monterrey.

“After this exhibition, you continue to create more pieces in the Bauprés gallery. I have a walk that is 2 meters from the sea of ​​Galicia, which is very beautiful and beautiful. Feather my intention is to make projects with the people of Mazatlán to return to Spain and to the culture of mazatleca. Assimilation, traer gentry of Spain and Europe in Mazatlán. I want to make a cultural point between friends because of a wonderful series ”, he added emotionally.

In the past, the artist took part in a collective exhibition at the gate and the award was due to the opportunity to exhibit. Tambéen invites the mazatlecos to see a part of the culture of the country.


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