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Work on muscle strength is important for the health of the woman. The physiology of the mother changed to the length of life, from puberty to menopause. In each of the stages, hormonal fluctuations are produced that affect the metabolism, the muscles and the muscles, among others.

Muscular resistance disorders are a good alias to combat these changes, which help prevent lesions, cardiovascular events and sarcopenia (loss of muscle and muscle mass in advanced stages).

Experts from the University of Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) Laura Esquius, Director of the Master of the University of Alimony in Physical and Sports Activity, and Cristina Rotllan, Professor Collaborator of this Master, expose the principal benefits of physics and physiology. fuss in women.

1. Reduce el risie de lesiones: The eercicios de fuerza ayudan a fortalecer los tendones y el tejido connective. By the way, we have more stability in the articulations. This contributes to the prevention of legions, especially in the case of women with a predisposition to suggest the birth of the mother of the spawn and the women of the mayors.

“I have a strong muscle to move and be able to react in case of incident, and, for good reason, help to avoid injuries and fractures,” said Esquius, an expert in physiology and sports nutrition.

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2. Contribute to the weight loss: Increases muscle mass at the heart rate. The musculature is a very active metabolic that adipose tea, it is said, you need more energy than grace. Según Esquius, we have more muscle mass, he has a warm calorie.

“When training is especially intense, it consumes oxygen, including hours of training. This is what the calorie guest said in order to get more oxygen, ”said the UOC expert.

3. Help prevent osteoporosis: We estimate that in the world there are more than 200 million people with osteoporosis. Este trastorno debilita los huesos y suele provocar frakturas de cadera y columna vertebral, de modo que affea a la movilidad ya la independencia de quien lo sufre. Tanto para Esquius como Rotllan, el hecho de aumentar la fuerza muscular es importante sobre todo en mujeres postmenopáusicas, porque mejora la densidad ósea y contributeye a prevenir la osteoporosis.

4. Best mental health: Ejercicios como correr no son los unicos que ayudan a mejorar los sintomas de la depresion i la ansiedad. Liberian endorphins, which contribute to mental well-being, are also eager to help. A study published in 2014 in the magazine Frontiers in Psychology demonstrates that the use of bad weight or moderates has beneficial effects for the audience. Además, as explica Esquius, also has benefits for memory and cognitive function.

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5. Reduce the risk of suppressing cardiovascular diseases and diabetes: Rotllan, an expert in physiotherapy and physiology, explains that working on muscular resistance is an essential hernia to reduce the risk of suppressing cardiovascular effects and metabolic syndromes such as diabetes. A study published in the BioMed Research International magazine demonstrates that he also needs to train the muscles to absorb the ability to absorb and utilize glucose or blood sugar.

The expert points out that, in the case of embarrassed women, he has made a combination of exercises with aerobic exercises associated with multiple benefits, which is the reason for the risk of suffocating diabetes mellitus, the mental state of mindfulness. reduction of the possibilities of a party by caesarean section.

6. Combating effects of envelope such as sarcopenia: The sarcopenia is a syndrome characterized by a gradual period and a generalization of fire and muscular skeletal mass between major people, which can provoke physical disability or a reduction in the quality of life. Rotllan insures that the training of the aid of the warrior to combat is infamous, and as indicated by other students.

7. Reduction of the symptoms of polyvaric syndrome: The polycystic ovary syndrome is a hormonal trajectory common to women of reproductive age. The women with this syndrome can have prolonged menstrual periods, prolonged or excessive levels of masculine hormones (androgens). One of the causes of this syndrome is an excess of insulin. “It makes muscle resistance a good strategy to reduce the symptoms of this syndrome, which can improve the composition of the body and reduce insulin resistance,” said Rotllan.


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