With a convoy marathon, initiate the activities for the Women’s Day

Organized by the Municipality of Corrientes, Domingo, in the Costanera Sur, is running a marathon to initiate activities at the Mes de la Mujer. Hubo awards and recognitions for the participants.

With a presence of more than 200 participants in various events, this domingo by mañana took off in the corner of Juan Pablo II in a marathon that includes distances of 2 and 5 kilometers. This is the first of many birthdays to be held at the March of March, in the March of the International Day of Women, which will be celebrated on March 8.

From time to time, different types of differences have been added to the public walk to form a part of this participatory sports character that can be realized in a way of walking or walking. The activity was organized by the Secretariat of Tourism and Sports and the Subsecretary of the Sports Department and Grand Events, in coordination with the General Directorate of the Genera de la Municipalidad de Corrientes.

The Subsecretary of Desarrollo Deportivo and Grandes Eventos, Matías Bocalon, said that “it is an event in the brand of Mes de La Mujer and the idea is to install this year when you can act physically. No classification, correct trotar, aquí lo importante es disfrutar la jornada ”.

In this opportunity, there were 200 medals and “the idea was to make a person who was able to win a goal of this first marathon”. Además, hubo sorteo y premios entre las presentes.

The Director General of the Geneva of the Municipality, Carolina Caamaño, expressed that “with the marathon we initiate a series of activities through the month of death that will be realized by the Municipality of Durante until the month of March.” visibilizar a las mujeres en todas sus facetas: deportiva, cultural, habrá capacitaciones y accciones vinculadas a la salud, además de talleres y homenajes. In breve we give to know the complete chronogram “.

The event includes the presence of various places of participation in the Secretariat of Health and Human Resources, such as Gender, Diversity, Social Security Inclusion, Promotion and Prevention, Maternity and Infancia, Chinese Medicine, Health Advice además de MuniMujer.

Francisca Retamozo was one of the assistants who, with 86 years of time, demonstrated the practice of sports at the limit. “I’m very upset and happy” and I’m always going to die “a no quedarse, deben avanzar”.

Viviana and Claudia are friends and friends who are interested in the diffusion of the Municipality. “Es la primera vez que corremos, aquí lo importante es estar juntas, compartir y anticipar nuestro día”, commented.

Lastly, Clara counted that a group of girls participated in the marathon “pero lo de hoy tiene un matiz especial porque es para las mujeres, nos da protagonismo y promueve la igualdad”, finalizó.

Cabe recordar que con motivo del Día de la Mujer, el intendente Eduardo Tassano declaró asueto administrativo para las agentes de la Municipalidad de Corrientes para el proximo martes 8. ” e igualitaria “, affirmed the municipal chief.

Vale recordar that the Commune will discuss a series of activities that include a charla denominada “Women who love history” is March 20 at the Deliberante Concert. Ese mismo día de 9 a 20 horas, en plaza Vera, hara una jornada impulsada por el Centro de Monitoreo y contención de víctimas de violencia familiar i de género. The mission contracted with the accompaniment of the Ministry of Security of the Province. Posteriorly, it is possible to know the grill complete activities for all the months of March.

TV NOTE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GOSMVSVmzg
Matías Bocalon – Subsecretary of Desarrollo Deportivo and Grandes Events
Viviana and Claudia – marathon participants
Clara – marathon participant
Francisca Retamozo – marathon participant

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