Why are you producing violence in sports?

The situations of violence in the sports are less frequent, but it does not signify that it is completely incomplete. Prevent these effective ways of being fundamental.

Why are you producing violence in sports?

Last update: February 11, 2022

The weight of the poses of the locks, the devastation of the violin, is sure to be present in the sports. In variations of the apparitions of the televisions, the houses of competencies that are in the throes of improvised sports of the values ​​of the sports. The scarams are found in the Order of the Day, lamentably, because of a surprise.

I don’t have a single reason to explain the violence in sports. You can, for example, say that a sportsman is very frustrated in a competition and pays attention to the arbiter against the competitor. For other people, a sportsman can also have the opportunity to support the public pressure to empathize with the reaction and visibility.

Sea as sea, ningún comportamiento violento está justificado, but know how to allow us to prevent the future. For it, we continue to support the production of violence in the sports.

Don’t be frustrated

Emotional emotions are very intense and competing. It’s a little per sepero se volverá en contra del deporista si este no sabe manejar sus sentimientos.

The fact of activation that produces emotions can be transformed into something positive, as an impulse to give the best of a misfortune, something negative, as frustration and aggression that you want to be canalized as soon as possible.

The frustration of being a sportsman in a moment can lead to an aggressive match. Without embargo, the relationship is not so direct, it depends on the entorno. It is the principal principle of the Theory of Signal Activation. This is, the excess of frustration produces a situation that can be degraded by a person who is likely to be aggrieved by aggression in the ambience there are factors that prove violent sports.

The excess of hormones circulating through the blood

In a competition, we produce shifts in the body to adapt to a stressful situation like being in the body of the limit. Between these physiological changes, all hormones that free and circulate through blood are removed.

Between all these hormones are lacking adrenaline and testosterone. The first step is to activate the whole body to realize a conduct that is physically active. By the way, testosterone is a necessity for muscle growth, but it can also provoke the conduct of hostile people without the product of an innate aggression.

The anterior no signifies that the hormonal changes by solos sean los responsables de la violencia en los deportes. But the activation produced by the hormones increases the ability to have a violent relationship.

Failure to communicate

The number of conflicts that arise are produced by the poor and failures in communication. La falta de claridad a la hora de dar un mensaje o interpretarlo de manera errónea pueden ocasionar más problema que los enfrentamientos directos. There is a habit that a football player discusses for an arbitrary bankruptcy, a tennis player is one with a umpire in tennis.

As we think in advance, this is the most probable thing to do in the group sports. For example, the discussions that are between the teams of the team are not going to be late during the camp.

Conflicts that take place within the team can be resolved in the opposite way, negatively affecting performance, group cohesion and staff satisfaction.

Eradicating the violence in sports is a fundamental problem

When a violent situation is produced in the deportation, it is important to be indifferent. There are situations that provoke a lot of trouble, and that I can say that the mayor of the people condensing unconditionally is sure to produce with more frequency than what we need.

Always the best intervention is the prevention to be able to avoid the occasional sports production. In addition, the intervention is more effective than the fact that it is realized about most of the little ones, with the end of which we do not reproduce negative sports in the future.

This is an affirmation of a studio realized by the University of País Vasco. Also, it is very important that prevention has been implied by all persons inside the deportation community.

They are trainers, sportsmen, families and professionals out of health, who have an important role to play in avoiding aggression within sports. I have everything I need to be able to pass the action to improve the violence of a relationship with everyone.

I support you …

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