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The tradition, the great camps, the generously superior caves and the love of the foreign sports: these are some of the keys to the Argentine exit, the best of the world, are explained by the President of the Argentine Association of Polo, Dolphin Uranga, y dos estrellas mundiales como Gonzalo Pieres (hijo) y Juan Martín Nero.

“It’s a combination of a lot of things, it’s very natural to play sports, it’s easy and more accessible than other places, we have a genetic capital of cavallos that is very good,” said Efe Uranga of the Argentine Campo Argentino de Polo de Buenos Aires.

“El caballo tiene un impacto muy grande en el deporte y tener buenos caballos te hace jugar mejor ya su vez te permite jugar contra los mejores. Jugar entre los mejores hace que todos mejoren. Lo que tenemos que hacer es que los distinct jugadores del del mundo vengan a jugar ahora acá, como está empezando a pasar, para que el polo a nivel mundial mejore “, añadió.

El polo fue olympic en cinco Games: Paris 1900, London 1908, Amberes 1920, Paris 1924 and Berlin 1936.

Argentina won the medal medal in the last two editions and from the following sums of dominance in this total sport.

The South American country is also a tambourine, with five titles and a sub-champion, the maximum winner of the World Cup, which is played with a handicap limit of 14 for Argentina in its rivals.

But for the Dolphin Uranga, the founder of the Marcos Uranga – the founder and example of the President of the International Federation of Polo (1982-1997) – that Argentina has “a predominance of great grandeur” and is “de es lo mejor”.

For this, it is worthwhile for the players of Inglaterra, United States, Spain and Brazil to visit Argentina to “get rid of and cross”.


Según el argentino Gonzalo Pieres (hijo), uno de los mejores jugadores del mundo, los polistas locales sobresalen principalmenci gracias a la “ambición”.

“Uno cuando arranca de chico tiene manyos sueños: ganar el Abierto, llegar a diez goles (de handicap), tener una linda trajectoria. Nos veo a los polistas argentinos maz profesionales y más enfocados a una meta, con más sacrificio”, sostuvo el polista de Johor Ellerstina a Efe.

“Obviamente que tener más campo y más caballos influye, pero con respect a los otros polistas creo que la clave es la dedicación,” añadió.


For Juan Martín Nero, a recognizable player of RS Murus Sanctus who excelled in the mythical team of La Dolfina, who passed in Argentina with the polo “something unique”, because he was “for the sake of the country and the most important players here” .

“You have to know a lot of factors. You can play everything here, in other countries you have to spend an evening on a cold or because you want to do sports. bastante campo y sobre todo en el interior es un poco más simple y más barato jugarlo “, sostuvo.

“Because you are in the interior and have a friend who has a camp with a horse and because he is not as tall as you live in Europe, which is more than superficial and more chic and that he is very different”, analysis.


This week will be discussed in Argentina at the Tortugas Abbey, which is located in Hurlingham and Palermo in accordance with the Triple Crown, the most important interclub tournaments.

“For the Triple Crown is a very special year, there are new teams, there is an emblematic team like La Dolfina. We separated in different teams and but we don’t know who can win the expectation of a distinctive tournament”, said Uranga.

“For example, in the life we ​​are organizing conjunctively in Tortugas, Hurlingham and Palermo. A wonderful descent of ponerse of water and value is the idea of ​​working together. “, the expolist also pointed out that he was a member of the Association of the Argentine Association of Polo.

Sebastián Meresman

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