“This pressure is exaggerated at the moment of the invoice”

The theme that is explained by the surprise of performance of Simone Biles in the first lessons of the gymnasium de los Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games (finally realized in 2021), and its posterior renaissance of all stages around. But it is new, and when it comes to making a mundane figure, it is the theme of the wallpaper. Sin quererlo, sino por padecerlo: la lack of mental health.

Michael Phelps, Andrés Iniesta, Kevin Love o Naomi Osakaby name of algunos, relataron sus historias y concienciaron sober que be valiant in the physics as in the psyche is fundamentalin the context of a pandemic that aqueous to humanity, and where los datos in Chile son poco alentadores.

A relevant topic like the mental health that you play all over football. This is a reflection of the sports psychologist Renata Almadapanelist de Pelota Parade of TNT Sports. “The sport is a microcosm of society“, account for RedGol.”That pressure is exaggeratedthis expectation that the deportees have to buy with the people, with their friends, with their employers, with the public, all of them in the moment of the invoice“, señala tajante.

For that, a mental aristocrat who rodea and a sportsman had to work. “All exotic athletes need to be contacted by professional staff que van a trabajar, justamente, esas aristas mental. The deportees are in situations where he is humane and is not alive, “said Renata.


“It is ideal, very utopian, but it should be implemented in Chile, young people who are empathetic in the empire sports, with mental health professionals, including principles, values ​​and mentalities specifics for solvent esas situations that you have to ask when adultos seams. You are expecting, pressuring, all the problems that you are trying to be active “, sentence Renata Almada and RedGol.

By the way, the importance of campaigns is as appropriate TNT Sportsllamada “What a superclassical mental health”y de los deportistas que se hacen cargo de su salud mental.

“There are some who are responsible and have a problem with all the athletes. Search therapy for sycological and depressive work based on cognitive processes. Mejorar su attención o concentración “, relata Almada. Pero, al mismo tiempo” van surgiendo otras necesidades anteriores (…) y que necesita encontrar sus carencias en el processo de formacón y actualmente no han sido contempladas “.

“Here’s the importance of this campaign and hacernos cargo, sean personas comunes y corrientes o atletasde lo que pasa en nuestro mundo interno “, sentencia la reconocida psiokóloga deportiva.


“What a wonderful sea health and a superclassic” is the name of the campaign of TNT Sports to comment on the full issue of the duel of Colo Colo ante Audax Italiano at the Monumental Stadium, an initiative of the con ANFP and the startup Mindydonde la cadena televisiva regular 1,000 free sessions45 minutes ago, before the second pandemic: the mental health.

To access one of them, enter Mindy.cl/superclasico, and use the code #TNTSports to deal with one of the available professionals.


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